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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Rainy Thursday . . . 

It's raining pigs and sheep!

It can't be raining cats and dogs because my five cats and three dogs are in various positions, poses, lounges, and places all over the house with no interest in setting paw or nose out the door to even test for dampness.

I, on the other hand, do not have a choice at some point during the day of venturing out into the downpour.     I have two checks to deposit at the bank, an appointment with my manicurist for a manicure and pedicure and, since I'm going to be out anyway, I should put in an hour workout at the gym.     And, since I'll already be out in the rain, I should probably call the boutique, too, and see if my new Marilyn Monroe purse that was re-ordered has arrived.

I guess I should get busy . . . more later . . .

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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

What A Day . . . 


I traveled to Tennessee as planned today.     My first stop was the Saab dealership to order a new key and to pick up an air filter.     This key should be forged out of gold, I tell you, as it cost me $288.00 to order the darned thing. It comes in three components, and has to actually be ordered and cut by Saab.     For that price, it should ride with me and pump my gas for a year, too . . . but, . . . that's another story!

The sun was perfect for a rag-top day . . . the tunes were cranked . . . and (if gas prices weren't so outrageous), you could lull yourself into the false sense of feeling that the road could stretch on forever, and you would never have to stop, if you didn't want to.

I arrived at Kathy's house to pick her up for our reservations at Kanpai, and her husband just happened to arrive shortly before we were leaving.     He asked if he could tag along.     Not a problem -- he just hopped into the back seat of the convertible and we went cruising down the highway.

After lunch, Kathy asked if I cared to stop at one of our favorite "out-of-the-way" places that we used to visit frequently when I still lived in town.     Of course, I was happy to oblige!     This "business" is "termed" a salvage company and gets overflow, damaged pieces, over-stocks and assorted items from import dealers and sells them at (sometimes) ridiculously-low prices (sometimes not!).     It is rather like a scavenger hunt, sorting through the aisles-and-piles for a few gems and bargains.

Today, we found a few.    Kathy's husband bought us each a new 2-person hammock (both of ours were going to have to be replaced this year, and they had a great deal of Buy-Two).     I also found two semi-sheer camel drapery panels to go on either side of the bed (windows) for a steal!     And, Kathy found similar discounted drapery panels, drapery rods, and ceramic pots for plants.     All-in-all, a good idea to stop and look around.

We then headed back to Kathy's where she and I separated out several of her prized plants for me to transplant at my new house.     I had hoped to do my plantings tomorrow but I heard a revised forecast, and it seems it is supposed to rain all night tonight, and all day tomorrow.     I guess I'll just soak them in some buckets with some root stimulator until I can get them into the ground.

I did go by to see my Mom for her birthday.     Her two sisters were there already.     They had been out for lunch, and had been shopping all afternoon.     I spent some time there, and the day was growing short, so it was time to head back to Georgia.     I called my s.o. to see if he wanted to meet somewhere for dinner after he finished with work.     Timing worked out well, and we met at the Longhorn Steakhouse for dinner.     After that, it was home and nothing left but a collapse after a long, fun-filled day!

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Soak Up The Sun ... 

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh . . . the generally disregarded "hump day" is beginning in a most glorious fashion -- filled with bright, blue skies and the promise of rising temperatures throughout the day.

I set my alarm early so that I could "rise-and-shine" and take care of a few things around the house before heading to Tennessee for the day.     Time to shake-some-tail-feathers, and get a move on . . .

I'm dropping the top on the new convertible and . . . in perfect Sheryl Crow fashion (with plenty of 45 slathered on) . . . "I'm gonna soak up some sun!"

I have an appointment at the Saab dealer to place an order to have a second key made for the car (I only received one), and to pick up an air filter - none of the local auto shoppes or distributors have one to fit my car, then it is off to pick up one of my best friends as we have reservations for lunch at my favorite restaurant - Kanpai of Tokyo, then off to her house to separate some of her prized flowering plants to add to my front "island" bed that is filling out nicely.     Finally, before heading home, I'm going to *pop* in on my Mom and wish her a most-glorious birthday (if I can catch her at home - she always lunches, shops, and generally hangs-out with her sisters on each of their respective birthdays)!

Have a GREAT day, Everyone!

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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Let The Sun Shine . . . 

Today was a beautiful Tuesday!     The weather was amazing, and my s.o. took the day off (for the first time since we bought the business in December).     We went out for a leisurely breakfast, then we went to Lowe's Garden Center for plants for the kidney-shaped "island" bed in front yard.     We bought enough flowers, ground cover, ivy, bulbs and fillers to "define" the shape of the bed, and bought new (red) pine-straw to replace the worn-out pine-straw already in the bed.     The bed already has three tall trees -- two on one side and one on the other.     A white Adirondack chair will be placed in between the trees, and the overall presentation of the vignette will be analyzed for what is still needed to make it warm and inviting.

After planting all of the new foliage, we were picked up by our friends Charles and Barbara, and we took their new boat out for its maiden Georgia voyage.     We spent the afternoon (four hours) on the lake, cruising the waters, listening to Jimmy Buffet and Joe Cocker tunes, and soaking up the sun!     What a glorious way to spend a Tuesday afternoon!

Tomorrow is supposed to be a nice, sunny day as well . . . I'm thinking of dropping the top on the new convertible and cruising up to Chattanooga for a few errands, meeting a friend for lunch, and picking up some more plants that my friend has for me from her garden.     She also has cuttings of wisteria that I am going to add to grow in as a canopy over the area in the backyard designated for the birds and squirrels.     There are about ten separate feeders and a bird-bath already in the area, situated between two large trees, that will be perfect for training a canopy of wisteria.     I'll add a couple of butterfly bushes and have a little wildlife sanctuary tucked in the corner of my backyard.

All-in-all, today was a beautiful day . . .

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Monday, March 28, 2005

What A Week . . . 

"Time is life.     It is irreversible and irreplaceable.
To waste your time is to waste your life, but to master
your time is to master your life and make the most of it."

-- Alan Lakein

In addition to my usual "hectic" week, last week was especially hectic.     As if Monday through Wednesday wasn't crazy enough, Thursday was my s.o,'s birthday, and my parents traveled to see us to celebrate with us.     It was great having my parents come to visit.     Prior to my s.o. arriving home from work, my parents and I watched Harvey - the Jimmy Stewart movie.     Neither my parents nor I had seen it before.     What a great (entertaining) movie!

I had gone to the butcher's shoppe for steaks earlier in the day, and he cut four beautiful marbled NY strips for me.     I baked sweet potatoes to which we added butter, cinnamon and brown sugar.     The salad was filled with all sorts of yummy things, and the bread was warm and toasty.     It was a very nice birthday feast.     There was also a carrot cake (my s.o.'s favorite) and ice cream for dessert.

On Friday, my parents and I went out for breakfast before they headed back home.     From there, we parted ways and I popped into a little boutique in the center of the town's antique and specialty shoppe district that is going out of business.     I found some great gifts (well, . . . gifts for myself . . . . . .) that I just couldn't pass up.     When I checked out, the cashier said, "You saved $152.76 today."     I looked at her and said, "That's great.     But, if I hadn't stopped at all, I would have saved $81.00 today."     Either way, I got some terrific home-dec items that add a real charm and distinct display of my personality to the house.     And, I loaded up on a ton of candles that were 50% off!     (Yeah, I'm a candle-junkie!     And, these are scented "grapefruit-raspberry" and smell divine!)

It was also a beautiful, bright, warm day on Friday so I dropped the top on the new convertible and enjoyed the sun after a long winter of being indoors.     And, with forecasts for the weekend of rain, I took advantage of a day when I could enjoy the weather.

I worked at our store on Saturday (as usual).     I had forgotten to stick my cell in my pocket, and I missed a very important long (long-) distance call.     At least he left a five-plus minute message, so it was great to hear from him, and to know that he's okay so far away from home.     He said he would call again soon, so (hopefully) I won't miss the call the next time.

Sunday, we traveled to TN so that my s.o. could celebrate his birthday (and Easter) with his family.     The weather was horrid -- hail, tornado-warnings, heavy rains -- but, it was something we had to do.     Afterwards, we stopped by our Harley-riding friends' house to check out the new boat they just bought.     It is beautiful -- and, if the weather cooperates as it is supposed to on Tuesday (clear and 80 degrees), we're all scheduled to take it out for its first GA run tomorrow.

I took some time last evening to try to get my PDA and cell phone information in-sync better than it currently is.     I have bits and pieces of information, contacts, calendar dates, etc. scattered everywhere.     I'm still very disorganized (sad to say).

Someone introduced me to this link -- PostSecret -- a site I can relate to, and I can understand why people choose to be anonymous, because I have been in so many situations where total strangers feel compelled to share their secrets with me.     Check it out . . . it is very bittersweet (and quite interesting).

And, my friend Kathy Patrick of Beauty and the Book has (finally) joined the blogging ranks.     Check her out at the Pulpwood Queen.

Enough ramblings . . . I have another busy day ahead of me . . .
Happy Monday, Everyone!

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Sunday, March 27, 2005

Perplexed, Confused & Bewildered 

What a week!

And, to wrap it up, I received a verbally-accusing and potentially (overly) -threatening e-mail that the sending party should have thought twice about before she hit the send button.     I don't need this sh*t in my life!     I have enough already, thank-you-very-much . . .

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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Welcome, Spring! 

As some may know, I was (am) a Clinique-devotee.     I have been for most of my adult life.     I did "cheat" a couple of months ago . . . I was seduced away by Aveda.     But, as the old saying goes . . . "why fix it if it ain't broke?"

I'm still into my Obagi regime (and planning for the Blue Peel soon), and I've gone back to many of my familiar - comfortable - successful Clinique products.     And, yesterday, in the pouring rain, as a pick-me-up, I decided to "celebrate" Spring by checking out the new Spring colors for eyes and cheeks at the Belk Clinique counter.     *phfffft*     Of course, there's no need to even ask -- I bought some gorgeous new Spring colors -- colors I've never worn before . . . the esthetician experimented with some new colors (most estheticians always pick the same 'ole tired colors for me -- saying that my coloring is so pale that I can't wear too many different - or - creative colors) . . . but the esthetician really made my eyes come alive with colors no one has ever used before.     And, she ordered me a new liner called "Egyptian," which is a mix of a deep black with an undertone of deep green.     It should be in within the next week.

In addition to visiting the Clinique counter, I stopped into a local boutique and found a gorgeous Marilyn Monroe purse . . . the owner ordered it for me (it should be here in about two weeks).     I also stopped into the local herb shoppe and picked up some new detox herbs to add to my new health regime.

Now that Spring is officially here . . . it is time to make some changes . . .

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Monday, March 21, 2005

A Difficult Good-bye ... 

Many of you have read previously about one of my best friends who is heading to Iraq.     His baggage was weighed and loaded on transport early this morning in MS, he then went to the armory to pick up his weapons, and then was scheduled for a trip to medical.     All of the soldiers that are deploying tonight are being injected with smallpox (vaccine) and quarantined until their departure.     They'll be in Kuwait for a few days before they are transported to their final assignment.     He will be stationed at his final assignment for -- at least -- the next eight-plus months.

Brian - be safe, be careful . . . You'll be missed so much while you're away.

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Sunday, March 20, 2005

Start Your Engines . . . 

The stereotypes DO exist at speedways across the country.     I experienced it . . . first-hand . . . at the Atlanta Motor Speedway today.

I'm not really a race fan.     The reason I even became slightly interested in racing is because we were associated with Ashland Oil, Valvoline, and Valfvoline Instant Oil Change in the corporate world for many years and, as an aside, (at the time) Mark Martin was racing the Valvoline car on the NASCAR circuit.     If you know anything about Mark Martin, he is as nice (nicer) of a man than he even appears in interviews -- just a great guy.     Since Valvoline let Mark change sponsors, they have had Johnny Benson and, now, Scott Riggs.     We took two of our employees with us to the race.     We had great seats, right between the fourth turn and the start/finish line, looking right into the pits.

Now, for all of the stereotypes that I've always heard about, but finally experienced first hand -- or, as it should be affectionately called -- "Redneck Heaven:"
  •   The drunk with holds up his can of beer each lap his driver makes in front on him and shouts, "Wooooooooooo;"
  •   The drunk who flips off his least favorite driver every 2-3 laps that the driver makes in front of him;
  •   The drunks who are sitting around -- shirtless -- swilling beer and mumbling;
  •   The drunks who were dressed in so much favorite-driver clothing, they looked like they should be down working in the pits, not sitting in the stands; and
  •   The drunks fighting with the other drunks because "my-driver-is-better-than-your-driver."

I guess the key word here is "drunk," accompanied with a lot of smoke being blown everywhere.     For being out in the great-wide-open, I still smelled like I'd spent a night in a cheap, sleazy bar -- smelling of nicotine and stale beer (and I partook of neither).

Even with the noise still rumbling in my head, and the rattle still shaking my heart and bones, it was an exciting experience (considering).

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Friday, March 18, 2005

Bottoms Up? 

The Australian media has the right idea.     This would have definitely caught my attention, though!

But, as a fair-haired, pale-skinned Irish lass myself, I totally agree.     I'm considering buying stock in several sunscreen companies this year.     I may have replaced my totaled car with another convertible but, skin cancer is no laughing matter.     I can slather on the sunscreen and still drop the top (on the car).

Summer doesn't have to be hiding from the sun -- but, sun-sense is necessary for any outdoor activities.     I have too many freckles to ever look like those old-time Hollywood stars of the early years -- the ones who never went into the sun and had totally porcelain skin.     There are still a few of those today (Nicole Kidman pops to mind).     I'd love to have the creamy milk-white skin to go with my blonde hair and teal eyes.     But, weren't we all sucked into that "a tan looks healthier" hype for so many years?     I have the freckles to show for giving it the old college try.

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So It's Friday . . . 

This is the day people long for, the day people greet you with well-wishes of TGIF, and make plans for the weekend.     As usual, my life doesn't follow convention.     If asked, I'd probably say Monday or Tuesday is my favorite day of the week, . . . but, . . . I digress . . .

UNCONVENTIONAL has always been a word that has been used to describe me -- my life, my career(s), my social circles, my very existence.     I don't -- I can't -- conform to M-F / 9-5, -type lifestyles!     I think I would, literally, spontaneously-combust from the pressures of that ritualized week-in, week-out zombie shuffle.     Of course, this isn't to criticize anyone who does the weekly nine-to-five . . . I just don't have the personality traits to conform to the necessary parameters.     (I'm sure there's medication and therapy that could get me through)

My s.o. does a six day a week, minimum 72 hour work-week each week since we bought our own business in December.     My Monday through Friday is dedicated to my (more creative) business undertakings and, on Saturdays, I work at our (joint) business helping out all day.     So, TGIF means nothing to me.     After all day at work on Saturdays, we even attend a non-conventional, contemporary version of the regular Sunday morning service at our church on Saturday nights so that Sundays become our only day off -- together -- each week.

Last week, the temperature cooperated, and we took a six hour Harley ride through the northeast Georgia mountains and down the Ocoee River Road (where the '96 Olympic Whitewater Competition took place).     This weekend, we have four "choice, prime, Grade-A" tickets to the Atlanta NASCAR race -- hopefully, the weather will cooperate, again.

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Finding Fault? 

If someone betrays you once, it is his fault;
If he betrays you twice, it is your fault.

Why can't I seem to get this through my brain?!?

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Thursday, March 17, 2005

My Favorite Color . . . 

A special greeting to all my readers from a true Irish lass . . .

May you always have
Walls for the winds,
A roof for the rain,
Tea beside the fire,
Laughter to cheer you,
Those you love near you,
And all your heart might desire!

Enjoy your day!

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No Excuses ... 

I "exhausted" [lame attempt at a dry pun] every excuse I could find this morning for not going to the gym.     After the housekeeper left, and I ran errands to the bank and dry cleaners, I arrived at the gym at around 2:00 p.m.     Perhaps this was serendipity-in-disguise.     The parking lot was practically deserted; hence, the same for the gym.

I did my penance for thirty minutes on the treadmill first.      Then, off to the weight room for the nitty-gritty stuff.     I love having the machines to myself -- no waiting -- no break in the circuit . . . just go, go, go!     I even increased weight on most of my leg exercises this session.

Then, a quick trip to the grocer for a few items -- which, after a session in the gym is the absolute-perfect time to go . . . no hunger-pangs, no impulse-buying . . . just in and out with the necessities -- lots of fruit, skim milk, orange juice, and some low-fat shredded cheeses for salads.

I also bought another package of Grapples.     (Check out fellow-blogger Steve's thoughts on the fruit(s).)     I even had my check-out girl smelling the package.     When I made the remark, "It smells just like Grape Nehi, doesn't it?" and the girl looked at me like I had lost my mind, I knew there was a major generation gap.     Luckily, the bag-boy said, "Like Radar drank on M*A*S*H?"     Oh, well, at least a point of reference . . .

I think it's time to whip up a salad and some pasta for dinner . . .

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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Is It Just Spring Fever? 


I've been contemplating l-i-f-e as of late.     I guess a major car crash, coupled with a concussion that leaves you with holes in your memory, can effect your outlook on the future.     But, my "interests" have actually been -- what some might consider -- superficial and self-absorbed.     I stumbled across a five hour series on VH1 The Greatest: 100 Most Wanted Bodies, and ended up DVR'ing the whole series to watch at my leisure.     And, even though I find Dr. Rey to be an absolute pr*ck, I've gotten hooked on Dr. 90210 also.

On top of that, I started a rather strict eating plan about a week ago, joined a new gym (after canceling my membership at another one that wasn't meeting my needs), upped my herbs, vitamins and supplements, and even met with my friend and plastic surgeon, Dr. Beahm, for a new Obagi regime renewal and to, perhaps, discuss the possibility of APSC getting a little "creative" here-n-there, if my piggy-bank can survive the (potentially) devastating blow.     Okay, maybe an extreme idea . . . but, . . . who wouldn't like to re-arrange a few things?!?!?

I mean, I already have friends that think I'm high maintenance because I get a manicure and pedicure every two weeks, have at least 1-2 one hour, deep-tissue massages a month, see my hair stylist on a 5-6 week regular basis, have a morning and evening Obagi facial ritual, drink water almost exclusively, and think sleep (when achieved) is an absolutely divine commodity.     The only way to add a perfect dose of rejuvenation to the mix would be 3-4 days at a secluded beach cottage per month -- sheer heaven!!     For now, I have to take those beach get-aways whenever I can manage them (and, those are never enough, or long enough!).     I, personally, have never considered myself high maintenance . . . especially when I look around at the people that I do consider to be such.

I guess it's all in how you view things, huh?

Perhaps I just have a case of Spring-Fever!

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Eleven Quick Questions 

My very good friend Bob in Memphis

(((HI, BOB!)))

sent me a link to a test.

Here's the test link:    The Monday Morning Test

* * *

And, here are my results:
The Monday Morning Test Results
(better than any IQ test)

Your Score:   11 out of 11
Your Rating:   Only 3 people have ever scored this high

Now Here's the Twist;
Your answers not only can tell your current intelligence,
but the combination can also forcast your upcoming love life:

Your Projected Love Life: Your Love Life may bloom soon

Not all blondes as as predictable as people think . . .

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All of the flippant catch-phrases that get tossed our way in seemingly every situation has been condensed to the perfect metaphor by Mouche! today!      Check it out and see if you don't agree . . .

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Modern Road Systems (?) 

We've heard the saying for years . . . from parents, teachers, religious leaders, authority figures and on, and on . . .

"The road to hell is paved with good intentions!"
With that much talk about the 'avenues' to reach said 'place,' as well as all of the people out there who keep attempting to do things in the name of 'good intentions,' there must be some super highway system -- with on ramps, off ramps, clover-leafs, eight-lane stacks, and the works, out there -- somewhere!

Does this fall into the "Atlantis" classification?     I mean, we all know it exists, we just can't say exactly where it is located?     I have to admit . . . I've worked construction on the highway system several times myself . . . How about you?!?

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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Tuesday . . . 

Who tossed a "Monday" and a "Wednesday" into a blender and churned out this never-ending day I'm trudging through?

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Monday, March 14, 2005

Don't Make Promises . . . 

. . . you can't keep!

ooooooooooh, Best Buy . . . you've messed with the wrong Irish gal this time!     As some may know, my (practically) brand-new, two month old laptop became "possessed," and started randomly turning itself off whenever the urge struck, with no rhyme or reason.     Sometimes on boot-up (not-so-tragic, but still annoying) and, sometimes, in the middle of work without warning (VERY tragic!).     So, armed with my manufacturer's warranty, plus my two year additional warranty, I carried my laptop in to the Geek-Squad at Best Buy.     I was told my laptop would have to be shipped off for repairs, with a minimum of ten-to-fourteen days for the work to be done.

Fast forward to a phone message on voice-mail received this past Saturday . . . "Your laptop is ready for pick-up."     Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!     Today, I call first to make absolutely sure my laptop is ready.     Then, I pop into the car and drive down to the outskirts of Atlanta to pick up my laptop from Best Buy.     When I arrive, one of the "Geeks" is complaining that the Best Buy computer/register is 'locked-up' and they can't access any records.     Can you tell this is not a good sign?     After standing on line for twenty minutes, listening to this Geek mumbling to himself, he finally asks if he can help me.     I tell him I'm there to pick up my laptop that I've received a call, and verified by phone this morning, is ready for pick-up.     He gets a look on his face that is not one I want to see, and says something to the effect that . . . with the computer 'locked-up' he can't look up my record to find my computer.     I don't know if it was the steam slowly seeping out of my ears, or the red slowly creeping up my neck into my face, but he asked my name and what kind of computer, and quickly disappeared into the back.

He returns with my laptop and sits it on the counter.     But, he says . . . without being able to access the computer/register to pull up the work order, he can't release my computer to me.     That's when he calls over the "Head-Geek."     What a WASTE of SPACE!!     In pure Charlie Brown "teacher" fashion, he spends ten minutes uttering the following:

telling me why I can't have my computer.

I then reached across the counter, opened the laptop, touched the "on" button, watched it boot up, and watched it immediately turn itself back off.     I looked at the Head Geek and Muttering Geek and said, "I've wasted my whole morning driving down to pick up a laptop that hasn't even been repaired yet!     Exactly what do you plan to do about this?"     At which time I think both their brains exploded and their circuit boards went dead.

In case you're wondering . . . I came back home WITHOUT my laptop!     And, in case you're wondering -- yes, I've complained to corporate (complaining to that store's management is like "spitting-in-the-wind").

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Thursday, March 10, 2005

Let's Hear It, Olivia! 

As hard as we may try to erase it from our memories, we'll always be haunted by that 80's #1 chart-topper by Olivia-Newton-John when she tried to shed her goody-two-shoes, good girl image and give us her double-entendre ridden lyrics in that sappy song . . . "Let's Get Physical"

Double-entendres aside . . . I just canceled my membership at one gym (I wasn't getting the cardio and weight-training that I thought I needed with the program), and joined (re-joined, as I was previously a member in D.C.) Gold's Gym yesterday.     As soon as the maid arrives (don't judge -- she's only doing the floors for me -- all the hardwood is i-m-p-o-s-s-i-b-l-e to keep looking good with five cats and three dogs!) . . . I'm off to the gym for my first session with the new program.

I also just finished watching "Annie Hall" for -- amazingly-enough -- the first time ever.     Although I've never been a big Woody Allen fan (although some of his movies I've found entertaining), this one was worth watching (unlike a few of the other "must-sees" so far that didn't stack up to the over-inflated reputations that preceeded them).

It's time to fill some empty time with some creative -- beneficial -- tasks . . . the gym is merely the first step . . . look out, World . . . I'm clawing my way back out of this fog!!

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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

March Madness 

. . . and I don't mean basketball!

As a writer, I'm frustrated that I cannot even articulate into words the depths of my emotions right now.     With so much happening to me, and around me, I feel as if I'm stuck on a ferris-wheel that some sadistic carney worker keeps turning up the speed faster, and faster, and . . .

I was allowed to go through a security clearance to receive a pass yesterday to gain access to the gate boarding area to watch someone very close to me leave for Iraq.     I watched as he boarded the plane that would take him, first to Gulfport, Mississippi (he was originally scheduled to deploy with his battalion on 02/14 - you can read the story of his battalion in the Chattanoogan, but he was then told he wasn't going due to a blown ACL and surgery last year and, once again, the story changed, and he was merely delayed until 03/07).     In about three weeks from now, he will travel on overseas.     He will be gone until, at least, mid-November.

With everything else that has been happening lately, this may be the proverbial "s-t-r-a-w."

No one ever said life was easy . . . but, . . . it would be nice if the hard parts were spaced a little farther apart!

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Friday, March 04, 2005

Which Do You Do?!? 

. . . The Day Looms Large Ahead Of You -- What Are You Going To Do?!?!?!?

You know that funky piece of plastic and wires is sitting in the corner -- mocking you . . .

Phone is definitely not to color or scale, or any other resemblance of any phone located in the house!!

So, how do you approach the day?

  • You bound out of bed as soon as the alarm rings, or the telephone rings, or the dogs bark -- whichever comes first;
  • You stagger out of bed when you realize the day is slipping away and you're getting anything accomplished;
  • You slide out of bed because your stomach is making some serious "Feed Me, Seymour" sounds that are only getting louder; or
  • You actually are going to tackle the house filled with cat hair, dog hair, sweeping, vacuuming, mopping, dusting tasks and much, much, more.

Okay, you're out of bed -- still half asleep but, . . . mostly vertical.     You "know" that a phone call is expected today -- you also know that chances are 30% / 70% on a good day that it will happen, and you wouldn't make book with any Vegas businessman with those odds . . . not good odds in my favor!     So, the question arises again, how do you approach the day?

  • Do you work around the house all day, hoping and praying for the phone to ring, so you can act all surprised that it did?;
  • Do you approach your day like any other day that work needs to be done -- if errands are called for -- you jump in the car and run them without a second thought?;
  • Do you do everything possible within the confines of the house, hoping the call comes in before you have to run errands, often dallying on some to make them last a little longer than usual?; or
  • Do you do what needs to be done without a thought to the telephone, make out a list of errand items, grab the cell phone (just in case) and head out for errands when the time is right?

Aside from housework, I have my office work that I have slacked on, my s.o.'s office work that I have slacked on, several deadlines that I missed with editors (that I was able to get extensions due to my car accident and injuries).     Just now, I fell asleep in my desk chair -- just **poof** -- off to dreamland.

I know -- logically --- what I NEED to do to ready the house for the weekend.     I also know -- logically (and sentimentially) -- what I WANT to do today.     I think I'll "compromise" and think about it for a while . . . I'm going to take a nice, cozy cat-nap in a sunbeam and work out all the details for the rest of the day -- sounds like a plan, 'eh???

Category::   This Thing Called Life
(c)   2005    A Southern Belle's Life

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Peekin' Out . . . 

. . . doin' a little prairie-doggin'

Yes, I have been keeping a very low profile for the last week or so, trying to get myself together, and back on track.     To be honest, it isn't going all that well.     But, I'm still trying.

So, today, I've decided to really p*ss off my s.o., ditch all of the housework that needs to be done, ditch all of the business filing and associated computer detail work that needs to be done (including bill-pay stuff) for the business . . . and, just have a spa day to try to get myself centered, and find a little bit of positive karma in all this negative counter-energy.

I need to get dressed and get going.     I need to stop at the cleaners before my appointment at the nail salon.     I have a manicure and pedicure scheduled.     Then, I have a consultation with a new stylist named David at a new Day Spa (the last stylist at the old Day Spa was much too much of a [and no offense to the Nazis as a whole] Nazi in her tactics of control and domination over what she would do to my hair - regardless of my requests, inputs, pleadings, and crying.     After that, I have an hour-long deep-tissue massage.     I really NEED these things after the last month of insanity that I have experienced!

I did get my new car delivered on Monday . . .
it is a Saab 9 3 Turbo Convertible . . .
black top on silver 2 door coupe with a complete charcoal interior - leather seats, loaded out.     I'm still reading the 5,000 page (okay, I exaggerated by a few pages!) owner's manual because I haven't a clue what 80% of the buttons are for . . . they're either blank, marked with some unrecognizable symbol, or some unrecognizable letter grouping -- I guess if I were Swedish and not Irish, I could figure it out much faster!

Okay, I'm off for a day of beauty -- or, at least a day of someone getting paid to make me feel "pretty" . . . and, after doctors visits, seeing my old car turn into a pancake, dealing with friends who really aren't, and preparing myself for one of my best friends to leave on Monday for the giant Iraqi sandbox . . . I deserve this!

For now . . . back in the prairie-dog hole . . .

Category::   This Thing Called Life
(c)   2005    A Southern Belle's Life

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