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Thursday, June 30, 2005

It's A Wild Life . . . 

yeah, yeah . . . I know . . . disappeared . . . again!

It has been another wild week around here . . . but, I did catch up on my new favorite show, Rescue Me, including last week's premiere episode, and this week's second episode (both burning spots on the DVR just waiting to be watched).

Last evening, my s.o. surprised me with an invitation to dinner.     Even better, he suggested we take the bike for transportation.     So, dressed in black, I took my place on the back of the Harley, and we headed South toward Atlanta for dinner.     It was a fantastic early evening for a ride; the weather was unbelievably perfect.     On the ride (which took about forty minutes) we, at one point, passed an intersection where a fire truck was waiting at the traffic light to enter the parkway we were on.     I didn't realize I took a longer-than-normal look back (I guess) but, at the next light, my s.o. asked if I was switching my groupie-status from cops to firemen.     I paused to consider the question . . . but, only for a second . . . and answered, "of course not," but . . . the fire truck followed us for several intersections before it turned off.     I kept sneaking a peek or two back, and got a few waves from the guys in the truck.

Dinner was divine -- a quiet Italian restaurant with low lights, candles, music . . . the Tuscany Chianti was the perfect blend of robust and mellow, the stuffed mushrooms were warm and rich, the bread was right from the oven and soaked up the olive oil and fresh pepper with perfection.     The pasta was utterly delicious.

The ride home was also sheer pleasure . . . the evening air was still warm from the day, and the sky was ablaze with color as the sun was setting.     All-in-all, a wonderful evening!

I received a call from my friend in Iraq today.     He had been on a convoy mission over the last nine days.     As they were returning to their base camp last evening, their convoy was attacked.     He gave me quite a few details, but I don't feel as if I can devulge those here.     Suffice it to say, after a very scary situation, they survived the attack.

And, I've been a bit of a shop-o-holic, again.     Over the last three days, I've ordered from Amazon, Victoria's Secret, and Eddie Bauer.     That means, packages will be arriving shortly . . . I love when packages arrive!

Enough for now . . . I'm off to read a book, soak in a tub, and head off to bed . . .

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Saturday, June 25, 2005

Flashback . . . 

A little confession . . . I'm a big heavy-metal/hard rock fan.     This happened in the 70's and 80's and hasn't really disappeared.     Probably not what you would expect from a prim-and-proper Southern Belle, but . . . I've never been one to fit into a pre-determined "label" or "mold" set by anyone!

This afternoon was sheer bliss for someone with my tastes in music . . . VH1 broadcast a series of shows called VH1's 100 Greatest Artists of Hard Rock.     It was great to see (and hear) some of my favorite bands again, along with the commentaries provided by rockers - and their impressions of particular bands.     If you're interested, here are the links for the lists:

With a tag-line like this:
Through thunderous anthems and a kick-ass attitude, hard rock bands bring out the headbanger in each of us
how could this series miss?

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Friday, June 24, 2005

What Happened To My Week? 

It really has become FEAST--OR--FAMINE when it comes to updating my blog as of late.     I don't have any excuses, nor do I need to offer any excuses, for my sporadic postings . . . this is just a part of life.

This week has been very hectic, but, overall an enjoyable week!     I was thrilled to get a visit from my friend, Vic and her family, as they were traveling through on their way to her old hometown.     They spent the night on Tuesday evening and headed west on Wednesday.     Vic and I had never met in person until this week, although she and I speak via phone several times a week, and have for the last two-plus years.     It was great to finally get to meet, face-to-face.

As for broadening-my-horizons, I've "developed" three new addictions . . . (okay, like I really needed more!)     The Closer, Rescue Me, and Night Visions (re-runs) on Sci-Fi hosted by Henry Rollins (another one of my "obsessions").     I just watched the last episode (of last season's) Rescue Me and DVR'd the new episode of the new season Tuesday (I haven't watched it yet), and ordered the complete first season DVD (which arrived yesterday).     Before I begin watching the new season, I want to watch the first season of Rescue Me to get up to speed.

I received a call from my friend in Iraq last evening.     It was 5:00 p.m. my time (and 1:00 a.m. Friday morning where he is).     He was calling to tell me that he was being sent on a "mission" that would keep him from contacting me for a while.     He told me more, but . . . I can't (and won't) discuss it here - as it involves the type of mission, where he is going, and other things that shouldn't be divulged.     Suffice it to say, it is very dangerous -- so, please keep good thoughts that he stays safe!     We're all just counting the days until he is supposed to come back home . . .

I spoke to my friend Missy via phone today.     She sent me a link to a new book, and a quiz.     The book is entitled: "The Stripper's Guide To Looking Great Naked," and the quiz was called, "Your Stripper Style."     (of course) I took the quiz -- here's my results:
Vintage Vamp.    You are saucy, sassy, and fun-loving.     When it comes to painting the town red, you practically wrote the book.     A Vintage Vamp looks best in retro lingerie in bold colors and animal prints.     Your hair and makeup are as bubbly and effervescent as your personality.

My s.o. bought me a chimnea this week.     He hasn't had a chance to assemble it yet, but I have the perfect spot for it picked out on the deck.     Here's a picture of one that is 'similar' to the one I just received:


I think it is just a 'perfect' new addition to the back deck setting, and will make for some 'comfy' evenings at twilight and into the night.     It was a very special gift, and much appreciated!

Now, if this danged ankle/foot would just cooperate a little more, I might be able to start getting back my life.     I want (so badly) to just take a drive up to Chattanooga to see friends, to have lunch with some friends, to run some errands, to do some shopping, to just do the things that . . . just a few months ago . . . were things that didn't require any forethought whatsoever.     Now, it is an ordeal to make arrangements just to go somewhere (doctor's appointments, etc.) -- and, it is really getting tiring to spend all day, every day, with the pain, and the swelling, and the constant reminder that I can't live my life the way that I'm accustomed to living.     It is, as if, my life is totally on hold.     And, that is NOT in my nature!     I'm so tired of this . . . and, frustrated, . . . and, angry, . . . and, . . .

Enough of these disjointed ramblings.     Have a GREAT weekend, Everyone!

"The better part of one's life consists of his friendships."
- Abraham Lincoln

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Monday, June 20, 2005

On Full Tilt . . . 

In January of this year, a new show debuted on ESPN.     I had been looking forward to its premiere but, when it debuted, it was on opposite another show that I watched religiously.     At the time, we were "slummin'" -- by that, I mean, we had only one (can you believe it?), only one DVR, so recording was extremely limited.     Then, the high-def big-screen television arrived, which required the high-def satellite receiver - and - B-O-N-U-S - the high-def receiver has double recording capabilities at the same time.     Add to that, the big-screen moved to the master bedroom, along with another satellite receiver with DVR capabilities so, now, at any given time, we can record three different programs at the same time.

By the time the high-def arrived, we had watched the first episode of Tilt live, and missed the second two, because of recording conflicts.     So, we skipped the rest.     This past weekend was Father's Day.     For Father's Day, the cats-and-dogs "bought" my s.o. the complete first season boxed edition DVD set of Tilt, and we have been watching it over the last few days, culminating in the season finale last night.

We set up a large platter of sushi -- Maguro, Sake. Ebi, and Unagi -- with plenty of soy sauce, shaved ginger and wasabi . . . and sat down to watch the last couple of episodes of Tilt.     I have been a fan of Michael Madsen since the very first time I saw him, and his character in Tilt definitely did not disappoint.     It's odd that someone can consistently play such 'bad' characters, and still be such a 'likeable' guy.

I highly recommend Tilt to anyone who likes high drama, twists-and-turns, Texas Hold 'em Poker, and an all-around story that will hold your attention from beginning until the final credits roll . . .

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Wednesday, June 15, 2005


Someone should really take a baseball bat to the side of my head when I get "ideas" that have been proven -- time and time again -- to be BAD ideas, and knock some sense into me!     Anyone with an ounce of common sense knows that a fair-haired, fair-skinned, pale Irish lass, with a smattering of freckles over a porcelain complexion (who dreams of a completely porcelain complexion) should never, NEVER, EVER slip into a skimpy tanikini -- even when slathered with SPF 45 waterproof sunscreen, ducking under a small bimini cover every now and again, re-applying 45, and wrapping up in towels, isn't going to make any difference when the sun is bouncing off of the water -- and -- the white vinyl cushions of the boat for seven-plus hours!

Our Harley-riding, boat-owning friends, Charles & Barbara (along with their Schnauzer, Mick - named for Mick Jaeger), my s.o. and I were cruising the lake with most of the waterways to ourselves on a Tuesday afternoon (it became more congested as the day progressed).     My s.o., Barbara and Charles all took turns skiing and tubing -- while I watched (actually, while I watched my ankle slowly, but surely, swell as the day went on) -- but, I wasn't about to be the cause for ending the fun-in-the-sun, so I made my way to the bow and stretched out to catch some rays on my back.

The thermometers we used, and the weather forecasters we listened to, all concurred -- the temps reached 97 degrees with clear skies!     I have to admit, even at boat speeds, with water sprays, it was still HOT, HOT, HOT!

Fred Schneider, Kate Pierson, Keith Strickland and Cindy Wilson said it best, though, when they wrote and sang the song that best described me last night and today . . . I'm definitely a . . .

Rock Lobster!

Where's that aloe with lidocaine?     NOW!

I could have managed a "healthy-glow" instead if I had been given the opportunity that my friend Missy just returned from . . . a week in Maui!     I think I could have stretched the rays out over seven days instead of seven hours and not be such a blistered crisp-o-belle right now.     And, speaking of that . . . I'm off to hear all about Missy's wonderful trip to Maui via phone while I slather on my aloe and lidocaine . . . oooooooooooooooh

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Monday, June 13, 2005

Checking In, Again ... 


'just a brief post to say "hello" -- that I'm still hobbling (too much -- way beyond doctor's orders), and will be back to blogging shortly.     I'm a bit confused by a few incidents as of late, but ... that's another story altogether.

I hope everyone is doing well.     Tomorrow, if the weather permits, is a long, lazy day on the lake with friends on their new boat.     I definitely need this!

See y'all soon!

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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Time Flies ... 

I find it difficult to believe that it has been almost a week since I last updated.     But, the calendar doesn't lie; it merely keeps showing us the passage of time.

I was so excited by the news I received last Thursday from the doctor that I could drive.     It was as if I had been released from prison.     And, yet, on Friday, when I had "permission" to drive, I never left the house.     I admit it; there was a bit of fear keeping me from stepping behind the wheel for the first time.     After two months of no driving, I was afraid to attempt my first trip solo.     All of the verbose rantings were just that -- hot air -- as I was apprehensive to go it alone.

I did do some "walking" about the house on Friday -- of course, with crutches and a cast -- but, still, using some of my weight and maneuvering ... precariously ... tentatively ... with less artificial assistance, and more dependence on my own balance and mobility.     I even took a book and hobbled outside to soak in a little sun.     Saturday was relatively the same; I was still a bit apprehensive about venturing out on my own but, after my s.o. arrived home Saturday evening, we ran an errand, and I drove.

Sunday was a turning-point for sure.     My s.o. asked if I wanted to take a ride on the Harley.     I said "only if he would bring me both of my Harley boots."     Granted, after I took the cast off, it took me almost fifteen minutes to get the one boot on the right leg over the bandages but, after I got it on, it wasn't going anywhere.     I strapped and laced the boot up, and I was basically as stable as I would have been in the cast.     I hobbled downstairs to the garage, propped my crutches up in the garage, and managed to get on the bike without too much trouble.     The ride was glorious!     My s.o. took me my Applebee's for lunch.     I even managed to get off of the bike (without looking [too much] like a cripple), and he helped me into the restaurant (it helped that the boot is as stiff as a cast!), and they seated us near the front (not too much walking).     Again, it was like being released from prison!     When we returned home, our Harley-riding friends called to ask us to come down for an impromptu pool-party (just the four of us).     A nice, relaxing end to a busy day.

Monday, I drove myself to a doctor's appointment.     It was a bit scary, but I managed.     It was my first visit with this new doctor, as I was establishing with a new internist (something I had planned to do since we recently moved to a new State, but had to postpone since I broke my foot/ankle and was housebound for two months).     I was very pleased with this doctor's manner and professionalism, as well as his consideration to family history and previous medical history.     He also asked about my last mammogram, and had his nurse call and schedule an appointment for me prior to leaving his office to have my scan (I have a family history of cancer).     Afterwards, I went to Red Lobster for lunch, and one of the manager's sat and chatted with me over lunch since she hasn't seen me since my accident.

Tuesday, I saw my stylist, who managed to rescue my hair from its horrific state and bring it back to some semblance of normalcy without too much trouble.     He -- in my opinion -- is a miracle-worker, but he says he just brilliant, and that's that.     Either way, I feel normal again, and I have him to thank for that.     After my appointment, my s.o. met up with me and we popped in at Pier 1 and picked up a set of pottery dinnerware (dinner plates, bread plates, bowls, and large mugs) - each in hunter green, brick red, sandy yellow, and pumpkin (similar to feista-ware), along with a cool spice rack (filled with spices), and two CDs with great beach/pool music.     After that, he took me to the Japanese restaurant for sushi (ebi and unagi), and hibachi chicken/shrimp/scallops with fried rice and vegetables.     Delicious!!

Wednesday, I was scheduled for my mammogram.     For some strange reason, I was groggy all day.     It was as if I couldn't keep my eyes open.     I finally got up and made it to my appointment.     After my appointment, I popped into a little boutique to return a purse that I had purchased the day before my fall, and I was given store credit.     Instead of coming back later to shop, I decided to look around at the new items they had received since my last visit.     They had gotten in some very cool earrings (very bohemian!) and I ended up spending not only my $38 store credit for my return, but an additional $30 on top of that.     But, I got some very, very cool jewelry in the process!     After I arrived back home, I just kept falling asleep (I told you I was groggy!).     In fact, I slept for two hours at a time, would wake up for a few minutes, and fall right back to sleep . . . this happened all afternoon, and into the evening.     I finally went to bed around 9 p.m., and didn't get up until this morning around 8 a.m.     I wouldn't have gotten up then, except I had telephone calls to make, and business contacts that needed to be dealt with.     Also, the (new) maid was scheduled to arrive at 11 a.m. (I fired the last one -- long story -- but, not a pretty one).

I have been contacted by my old newspaper (column), and have been asked to return as a weekly columnist.     I accepted.     I have also been contracted as a design contributing editor for a home & garden publication.     I accepted.     I am proposing a (limited) partnership to an acquaintance on a business venture for a new business prospect.     I hope he'll consider it a viable option.     And, I'm looking to broaden my NETWORKING options.     Anyone care to join me?

But, right now, I think I would like to take a little nap . . .

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Friday, June 03, 2005

Look-Out, World! 

I saw my orthopedic surgeon yesterday afternoon.     He said I could begin using 25% of my overall body weight on the cast, still supporting myself with the crutches -- but w-a-l-k-i-n-g!     Of course, I can't just immediately begin to over-do anything, and I have to continue wearing the cast for another month, but . . . I have his permission to walk (some).     My next question to him was -- of course -- what about driving?     He said that -- I can . . . I have to remove the cast to drive, but I have to replace the cast and use the crutches upon exiting the car.     But, I CAN DRIVE!     Of course, he said no long trips or anything . . . just quick zip-trips . . . and, not every day!     But, I am no longer "stuck" waiting on someone else to help me.     I am *NOT* someone who is comfortable having to ask anyone else for anything . . .

After the appointment, my s.o. took me to Ruby Tuesday's for dinner.     I haven't been to Ruby Tuesday's since we moved from D.C. last September.     I had shrimp pasta alfredo, and it was yum, yum, yummy.     After that, he "surprised" me with a visit to the nail salon.     I am now -- once again -- a girly-girl!     I had a manicure and pedicure, and have beautiful, bright, virgin-pink polish on my hands and feet!

I telephoned my stylist, David today . . . and I have an appointment next Tuesday to have my hair done . . . FINALLY!     That will be a big boost, too!     After a couple of weeks (or so) of using my body weight with the cast and walking, I'm heading back to the gym, too.     Of course, the treadmill will be out of the question still, but . . . the weight machines will be a welcomed addition to my days, for sure -- not that those crutches weren't an upper body workout, but . . . I think something more specifically designed for upper body conditioning will be better.

Just knowing that I'm not 'stuck' is an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G feeling!     Who knows?     I just might have those 4" lace-up heels on before Summer's end . . .

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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Biker Buddies . . . 

I had a nice, long telephone conversation with my very good friend, Grey Biker this morning.     That man really make me laugh!     And, after the last several weeks/months I've had, a good laugh is a most-welcomed addition to my day.     For anyone who doesn't know or read Grey Biker, I would like to suggest that you consider adding him to your blog reading list (with a minimum of a PG-13 warning in place -- yes, I'm being conservative in my ratings).

As fellow-Harley-bikers, we were also comparing a few "helpful-hints," too.     Like I told him, there's nothing like a perfect chrome polish to keep everything shining, and nothing like some good 'ol b/j to keep it that way . . .


I 'highly' recommend it!     You have to keep your chrome in mirror-perfect condition . . .

* * *

Speaking of Harleys, I finally found a place to stay this October for Biketoberfest in Daytona Beach, Florida.     My s.o., myself, and our friends, Charles & Barbara, are going down for the event October 20th - 23rd.     I've been searching for decent (and affordable) accommodations for several (several) weeks, and I finally received a call yesterday from someone in Massachusetts who has a townhouse right on the beach in New Smyrna Beach.     The private resort is really nice, and reasonably priced, too.     I booked us this morning.

We're also already booked for late September for the Annual National H.O.G. Rally, being held in Chattanooga, Tennessee this year.     I made a reservations about a month ago for that, and we're staying in one of the city's best hotels, close to everything downtown.     There's also a great bar / dance club in the hotel, too (that I used to frequent a few years ago), so that will be an added treat.

Now, if I can just get this danged cast off of my leg so I can get my boots back on, and get back on the bike again!

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Watching The Clock ... 

*tick-tock, tick-tock*

can you hear those minutes just ticking away . . . (imo) too slowly . . . but, ticking just the same . . .

My appointment with the orthopedic-surgeon is this afternoon at 4:00 p.m.     I'm SO ready for THIS!     Everyone keep good thoughts that I will hear him say something to the effect of "rise-and-walk" again . . . oh, please - oh, please - oh, please!!!

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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

To The Rescue . . . 

I'm usually not one to write for a select few instead of the complete audience, but . . .

after a conversation today with one of my best friends, Vic, I couldn't resist this little "inside" joke . . .

Wonder Woman

It may not be an invisible jet, but . . . I think a missle is quite appropriate, don't you?!?

Category::   Humor

(c)   2005    A Southern Belle's Life

Late Spring??? 

How can this be this first day of June?     I mean, here I am, back in my beloved 'Ol South -- which means that . . . by June first, I should be complaining to and commiserating with all of the other Southerners about the heat and, especially, the humidity.     But, the last few days have felt like mid-Autumn . . . with those brisk breezes, chilly drizzles, and the bone-penetrating cold that leaves you huddling under a blanket when the calendar tells you that you should be lounging at the pool in the least possible amount of clothing allowed without being arrested.

Memorial Day was spent at some friends' pool party.     Granted, there were some brave souls who, despite the drizzle and chilling temps, plunged into the pool that Charles had cranked up the heat to a toasty 89 degrees for the occasion.     The less adventurous (myself included), spent the time on the covered porches and decks -- chatting, snacking and I, personally, was wrapped in a blanket the entire day.     Don't get me wrong.     It was still a great party with lots of fun, food, drink, and interaction but . . . this far South, I expect Memorial Day to be a sweltering sweat-fest and not a day where you watch the ultra-fine drizzle and comment on how much it looks like falling snow.

The entire week is destined to be water-logged, as I'm watching it rain now, while the 150' - 200' trees are swaying in the backyard and the wind-chimes are playing a most melodic tune.     Of course, we'll all be wishing for a few of these nice days again when August takes our breath away with 100% humidity and not a chance of a cooling rain shower in the forecast to beat the heat.     I also keep thinking about one of my best friends who is currently in Iraq.     Each time I talk to him he tells me that he just worked twelve hours in 110 -115 degree heat.     Can you imagine that heat, bouncing off of the sand, while you're working in combat gear?     I can't even begin to imagine.     My parents got a letter from him yesterday and he was telling them about the heat, too -- coupled with his twelve-hour seven-day workweeks -- I couldn't survive such conditions!     I'm feeling 'guilty' for sitting here in jeans, socks, and a long-sleeve cashmere sweater trying to keep warm in June in Georgia!

On an 'up' note, my appointment with the orthopedic surgeon is tomorrow!     Will he take the cast off?     Will he schedule my physical therapy to begin?     What will my appointment hold?     I'm "hoping" it will be a good thing!

On a 'down' note -- The bad part is . . . one of my best friends is getting married on Friday.     I refuse to attend his wedding because I refuse to be the cripple at such a special event.     And, since my surgeon postponed my last appointment, I lost two weeks that I "might" have been in PT, which might have meant I could have 'managed' the evening without a wheelchair or crutches (maybe just a [less] conspicuous cane) and a lot of sitting -- but, because of the postponement, I have to miss a wedding I've been looking forward to attending.

And, on another 'up' note (for me, anyway), I received three packages from Victoria's Secret on Saturday filled with wonderful, glorious, beautiful lingerie and two racer-halter tops (one black and one melon - bought to wear while riding the Harley) . . . and, I'm "itching" to go shopping on-line again right this very minute . . . Sephora and Aveda are both offering me free shipping right now . . . okay . . . I'm off to shop . . .

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