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Wednesday, February 18, 2004

100 Things 

Elizabeth:  How did you know?   How did
you know I'd respond to you the way I have?

John:  I saw myself in you.

~ 9-1/2 Weeks

  1. I was born at Homestead, Air Force Base, in Florida.
  2. We left Homestead AFB when I was three months old.
  3. Homestead AFB doesn't exist anymore.
  4. It was blown away by Hurricane Andrew in 1992, and the government chose not to rebuild it.
  5. My birth certificate shows my given name as Susan.
  6. My really close friends all call me "Kitty."
  7. I am an only child.
  8. My dad is/was a Baptist minister when I was growing up.
  9. I am (now) probably what you would call a typical "P.K." (Preacher's Kid).
  10. But, I wasn't when I was younger.
  11. I was too afraid of my dad!
  12. My birthday is November 6th.
  13. That makes me a Scorpio.
  14. I am definitely a typical Scorpio!
  15. My Chinese sign is the Boar.
  16. Even though I have the characteristics associated with the sign, I just don't like the sound of it -- "boar."
  17. I am left-handed.
  18. I am the only left-handed person in my whole immediate and extended families -- both sides.
  19. I am 5' 6" tall.
  20. I am a natural blonde.
  21. I am fair-skinned with some freckles.
  22. I have teal-colored eyes.
  23. My eyes change between blue, green and a combination of the two depending upon the day, and my mood - I guess I have "mood-eyes."
  24. My peaches-&-cream complexion can be attributed to the fact that I'm Irish.
  25. I love men in uniform, especially Police officers and Naval officers.
  26. My dad was in the Navy, then in the Air Force.
  27. My godfather was in the Air Force with my dad.
  28. Then my godfather became a police officer in Missouri.
  29. Freud says that all of our sexual preferences and attractions are developed by the age of three.    I have vivid memories of a car accident when I was three, and I can remember a lot of policemen taking care of me.    I guess Freud was right.
  30. When I was younger, I wanted to either be a police detective or a newspaper reporter.    Either way, I wanted to be the one asking all the questions!
  31. I am very artistic and creative.
  32. I began drawing and writing at a very young age.
  33. My favorite mediums for creating art were charcoal, pastels and watercolors.
  34. I took extra art and writing classes all through elementary, junior and senior high schools, and was on the newspaper staff in high school.
  35. I have a B.A. in Fine Arts.
  36. I have a B.A. in Applied Arts - Journalism.
  37. I have a B.A. in Interior Design.
  38. I have minors in Psychology and Sociology.
  39. My first job ever was as an administrative assistant at McDonalds.
  40. After that, I worked in hospital billing administration.
  41. Then, I worked as a patient accounts administrator for a multi-satellite mental health facility (sixteen centers across six counties).
  42. Then, I worked as a paralegal for two different law firms (in Chattanooga and Memphis).
  43. I managed to obtain and perform all of these administrative positions without formal training in the fields.
  44. I guess that means I'm a "quick-study."
  45. I owned and operated my own interior design studio for several years, but grew tired of the hassles involved, and now work on a referral-only basis.
  46. I now work as a freelance writer and photographer.
  47. I love all creatures (with the exception of bugs, spiders, and snakes).
  48. I have six cats.
  49. Their names are Molly Claire, Simon Bartholomew, Alvin Bryant, Jasmine Marie, Bob Roberts, and Alexandria Yvette.
  50. They were all rescues.
  51. Molly Claire is my oldest -- she is now seventeen years old.    She was feral and only 2-1/2 weeks old when I got her.
  52. Simon Bartholomew is the only "breed" cat -- he is a Maine Coon.
  53. Alexandria Yvette is my newest -- she was rescued from the crawlspace under the house where she had been abandoned by her mother at approximately 3 weeks old.    She was in the screams of her final "death-cries" when we found her and took her in.
  54. Alex's mother and two siblings live in the barn.   They are feral and won't let you get close at all.    I still put food and water out for them every day.
  55. I also have three dogs.
  56. Their names are Miss Savannah Jayne, Miss Dixie Leigh Belle, and Milton Hans Wolfgang.
  57. They were all rescues as well.
  58. Savannah Jayne is 1/2 black lab and 1/2 black chow.
  59. Dixie Leigh Belle is 1/2 golden retriever and 1/2 chow.
  60. Milton Hans Wolfgang is 1/2 german shepherd and 1/2 unknown (but he looks and moves like a wolf).
  61. I currently have a large tank of freshwater fish.
  62. I have a Plecostomus named Phil, who was a gift from friends moving to Thailand.   He has moved five times since I've had him, totally over 1,000 miles in traveling distance.
  63. I live on a farm in a 105 year old Victorian farmhouse with plenty of acreage.
  64. That means I have plenty of wildlife around the farm to commune with as well.
  65. I enjoy feeding the birds, and have feeders all around the property so that I can watch the different types of birds from practically every window.
  66. I am originally from east Tennessee (Chattanooga).
  67. I lived in west Tennessee (Memphis) for five years between the years of 1993 - 1998, and I can proudly say I never visited Graceland while living there.
  68. I am currently living in north-central Virginia in what might be called the outer-suburbs of Washington, D.C.
  69. I miss Krystal restaurants (my favorite fast-food restaurant).    Bristol, TN/VA is as far north as Krystals currently are.
  70. I also miss Kanpai of Tokyo (my favorite sit-down restaurant), and my favorite cook - Christian.
  71. My favorite season of all is Autumn.
  72. Autumn has all of my favorite colors, too.
  73. But, I do love the first warm days of Spring, when everything is new and filled with life again.
  74. As a child, I was a coloring book junkie -- my parents bought me a new coloring book every time we went to the store.
  75. I was an anal-retentive, obsessive-compulsive child.    I always stayed within the lines, and matched the colors exactly to the colors shown on the covers.
  76. I was also a fanatic about my Crayola Crayons 64 count with the built-in sharpener.    The crayons had to go back in exactly the same place they came out of, and no one else could use my crayons because they might break one.
  77. Okay!   So shoot me!    I'm still A/R - O/C!
  78. I have an OCD number, and have to count certain things that many times before I can continue on.    It's not as bad as some people, and I'm lucky that my number is relatively low.    The main things I "do" using my "number" are checking the stem on my wind-up clock (no electic clock - what if the electricity goes out in the middle of the night?) and shuffling cards.
  79. I am an iNFp as determined by the Keirsey/Myers-Briggs testing study.
  80. I am a shoe-a-holic, and once owned 168 pairs of shoes.
  81. I am also a purse-a-holic, and have lots of purses.    But, I usually end up carrying one purse during the Winter and one purse during the Summer, unless I am going to a specific cocktail party or society event when I will carry an antique Chinese tapestry evening bag instead.
  82. I drive a white Chrysler Sebring convertible with a tan top and tan leather interior.    Convertibles are the ultimate ride!
  83. My car has the following stickers on it: "University of Alabama," University of Alabama "A," University of Alabama "A with an Elephant," "Tennessee Titans," "New Orleans Saints" and my caricature/logo for my Backwash column - "I May Be Blonde, But ... (don't let that fool you!)."
  84. My mother is a breast cancer survivor, and my best friend's mother died from breast cancer.    My license tags are personalized tags that supports "Breast Cancer Awareness."    They display the pink ribbon, and say 4*2*MOMS.
  85. My favorite flowers are the dark purple iris and the apricot tea rose.
  86. I have five piercings, all in my ears.    Two in one ear, and three in the other.
  87. I have a tattoo.    I created the design myself.    It is a purple iris, with the stem in the shape of an "S," and a pair of handcuffs wrapped around the stem (I'm still a cop-junkie).
  88. It took the tattoo artist 1 hour and 45 minutes to complete the design.    There are twenty-seven different colors in the design.
  89. If I had it to do over again, I would probably do it -- just not as big, and in a different spot.
  90. I am addicted to Victoria's Secret, especially the "Angels" collections.    My lingerie cabinet is perfectly organized with all matching sets, color-coordinated to mix-and-match accordingly.
  91. I love thunderstorms, and have had a recording (first on LP, then also on CD) called "One Stormy Night" for almost twenty years that mixes instrumental pieces played with a thunder/rain storm in the background.    Talk about mood music!
  92. I've suffered with severe migraines since I was fourteen.
  93. I'm a cyclic insomniac.    No matter what I do to break the cycle, nothing works until it runs it course.   Very tiring until I can finally sleep again!
  94. I don't drink coffee -- never have, never will.    But, I like going to Starbucks for either a Caramel Apple Cider or a Hot Chocolate.
  95. In the event of any major weather conditions (snow, ice, hurricanes, etc.), there must always be plenty of the following in the house:  a large jar of peanut butter (smooth), a large block of cheese (extra sharp cheddar), some sort of chocolate, some sort of salty item (preferably plain or salt & vinegar potato chips), Coca Cola Classic, popcorn, hot chocolate mix, apple cider, candles and matches, mega rolls of paper towels and toilet paper, cat food, dog food, fish food, bird seed, and kitty litter.
  96. I believe in ghosts, and am totally fascinated by abandoned buildings (I don't think any building is ever completely abandoned!).
  97. I have never seen a Disney movie - ever!    Since I've made it this long without seeing one, why start now?
  98. I have a lot more guy-friends than girl-friends.    I relate better to guys, and they are extremely comfortable around me, confide in me, and we relate on a better level than I do with other women.    I don't know if I intimidate other women or what but, ... I don't need the hassles!    I'll hang out with my guy-friends any day!
  99. I'm currently in the research and developmental phase of not one, but two, books that I hope to publish within the next eighteen months.    Wish Me Luck!
  100. The latest addition to the property is a hot tub (delivered last week).   When the late-night temps dip down into the 20s and 30s and you sink into the 105 degree bubbling tub of hot water with the steam rising up, and lean back and look up at the clear, star-filled sky, that is an amazing treat for all of the senses!

(c)   2004   A Southern Belle's Life

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