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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

What Is In A Name? 

Here is what my name (as it appears on my birth certificate) means:

There are 16 letters in your name.

Those 16 letters total to 69

There are 8 vowels and 8 consonants in your name.

Your number is: 6

The characteristics of #6 are: Responsibility, protection, nurturing, community, balance, sympathy.

The expression or destiny for #6:
The number 6 Expression provides you a truly outstanding sense of responsibility, love, and balance.     The 6 is helpful and ever conscientious, making you quite capable of rectifying and balancing any sort of inharmonious situation.     You are a person very much inclined to give help and comfort to those in need.     You have a natural penchant for working with the old, the young, the sick, or the underprivileged.     Although you may have considerable creative and artistic talents, the chances are that you will devote yourself to an occupation that shows concern for the betterment of the community.

The positive side of the number 6 suggests that you are very loving, friendly, and appreciative of others.     You have a depth of understanding that produces much sympathetic, kindness, and generosity.     The qualities of the 6 make the finest and most concerned parent and one often deeply involved in domestic activities.     Openness and honesty is apparent in your approach to all relationships.

If there is an excess of the number 6 in your makeup, you may exhibit some of the negative traits associated with this number.     There may be a tendency for you to be too exacting and demanding of yourself.     In this regard, you may at times sacrifice yourself (or your loved ones) for the welfare of others.     In some cases, the over zealous 6 has difficulty distinguishing helping from interfering.     You may have difficulty expressing your own individuality, because of involvement with responsibilities and causes.     Like all with the Expression of the number 6, it's quite likely that you worry much too much.

Your Soul Urge number is: 4

A Soul Urge number of 4 means:
With the Soul Urge or Motivation number of 4 you are likely to strive for a stable life.     You tend to follow a rather orderly pattern and systematic approach in your endeavors.     You have an inner desire to serve others in a methodical and diligent manner.     You want to be in solid, conventional, and well-regulated activities, and you are somewhat disturbed by innovation and erratic or sudden changes.     Excellent at organizing, systematizing, and managing, you have a way of establishing order and maintaining it.     You are responsible, reliable and in the final analysis, practical.     Highly analytical, you can see your way through all sorts of situations and generally have a clear understanding of the issues.     You are a very honest, sincere, and conscientious individual.

The negative side of the 4 is rigid, stubborn and somewhat narrow-minded.     There is a tendency to hide feelings, or to really not be aware of real feelings.     Avoid being too rigid and stubborn in your thinking, and try to always see the big picture rather than becoming to involved with the detail.     Don't be afraid to take a chance once in awhile.

Your Inner Dream number is: 11

An Inner Dream number of 11 means:
You dream of casting the light of illumination; of being the true idealist.     You secretly believe there is more to life than we can know or prove, and you would like to be provider of the 'word' from on high.

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Beginnings . . . 

I've always been fascinated with facts and tid-bits that relate to my past, even things associated with my 'beginnings'.     Here are a few things I found recently . . .

Your date of conception was on or about 13 February.
You were born on a Friday under the astrological sign Scorpio.
Your Life path number is 5. The Life Path is the sum of the birth date.     This number represents who you are at birth and the native traits that you will carry with you through life.     The most important number that will be discussed here is your Life Path number.     The Life Path describes the nature of this journey through life.     A Life Path 5 person is usually very versatile, adventurous, and progressive.     With a 5 life path, you are one of those people who is always striving to find answers to the many questions that life poses.     You want to be totally unrestrained, as this is the sign of freedom and independence.     You abhor routine and boring work, and you are not very good at staying with everyday tasks that must be finished on time.     You are, however, a good communicator, and you know how to motivate people around you, perhaps inclining you to be a teacher of some sort.     A love of adventure may dominate your life.    This may take the form of mental or physical manifestation, but in either case, you thrill to the chance for exploration and blazing new trails.     You are apt to be multi-talented, but just as likely to suffer from some lack of direction, and there is often some confusion surrounding your ambition.
On the average, the number 5 personality is rather happy-go-lucky; living for today, and not worrying too much about tomorrow.     It is important for you to mix with people of a like mind, and try to avoid those that are too serious and demanding.     It is also important for you to find a job that provides thought-provoking tasks rather than routine and redundant responsibilities.     You do best dealing with people, but the important thing is that you have the freedom to express yourself at all times.     You have an innate ability to think through complex matters and analyze them quickly, but then be off to something new.
In the most negative application or use of the 5 energies, you could become very irresponsible in tasks and decisions concerning your home and business life.     The total pursuit of sensation and adventure can result in your becoming self-indulgent and totally unaware of the feelings of those around you.     In the worse case situations negative 5's are very undependable and self-serving.

The golden number for your birthdate is 3.     The golden number is a number showing the year of the lunar or Metonic cycle.     It is reckoned from 1 to 19, and is so called from having formerly been written in the calendar in gold.
The epact number for for your birthdate is 21.     The epact number is the moon's age at the beginning of the calendar year, or the number of days by which the last new moon has preceded the beginning of the year.
The year of your birthdate was not a leap year.

There are 68 days till your next birthday.

Your birthstone is Citrine
The Mystical properties of Citrine - Citrine is said to help one connect with Spirit.     Some lists consider these stones to be your birthstone. (Birthstone lists come from Jewelers, Tibet, Ayurvedic Indian medicine, and other sources)    Yellow Topaz, Pearl, Diamond

Your birth tree is Walnut Tree, the Passion
Unrelenting, strange and full of contrasts, often egoistic, aggressive, noble, broad horizon, unexpected reactions, spontaneous, unlimited ambition, no flexibility, difficult and uncommon partner, not always liked but often admired, ingenious strategist, very jealous and passionate, no compromises.

The moon's phase on the day you were born was waxing crescent.

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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Rally On The River . . . 

We just returned from the National H.O.G. Rally held in Chattanooga, Tennessee . . . and, I have lots to tell.     For now, I'm going to relax after some long,   l-o-n-g   days.     In the meantime, here's a little preview of things to come . . .

Sand Sculpture - front

Sand Sculpture - back

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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Jung Ideal 

Jung Ideal vs. Real Test
Introversion |||||||||||||| 53%
|||||||||||||| 56%
Extroversion |||||||||||||||| 66%
|||||||||| 40%
Intuitive |||||||||||||||| 63%
|||||||||||||| 53%
Sensing |||||||||||||| 56%
|||||||||| 40%
Feeling |||||||||||||| 60%
|||||||||||||| 60%
Thinking |||||||||||||| 56%
|||||||||| 36%
Judging |||||||||||||||||| 73%
|||||| 30%
Perceiving |||||||||||| 50%
|||||||||||||||| 63%
ideal you |||||| real you ||||||
ideal type - ENFJ, real type - INFP
Take Free Jung Ideal vs. Real Test
personality tests by

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Freud Inventory 

Freudian Inventory Results
Oral (36%) you appear to be stubbornly and irrationally against receiving help even when it might be the more intelligent option.

Anal (33%) you appear to be overly lacking in self control and organization, and possibly have a compulsive need to defy authority.      If you are too scatterbrained, you will not develop much as a person as you will habitually switch paths before you ever learn anything.

Phallic (53%) you appear to have a good balance of sexual awareness and sexual composure.

Latency (56%) you appear to have a good balance of abstract knowledge seeking and practicality, dealing with real world responsibilities while still cultivating your abstract and creative faculties and interests.

Genital (43%) you appear to be somewhere between a progressive/openminded and regressive/closeminded outlook on life.
Take Free Freudian Inventory Test
personality tests by

Freuds theorized that there are 5 stages of psychological development.      At the oral stage the main issue is dependency, at the anal stage the main issue is self control, at the phallic stage the main issue is sexual identity, at the latency stage it's skill development, and at the genital stage its creativity and productivity.

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Monday, August 22, 2005

Past Life . . . 

Who were you in your last life?

Your past life diagnosis:

I don't know how you feel about it, but you were male in your last earthly incarnation.
You were born somewhere in the territory of modern Ukraine around the year 1775.     Your profession was that of a leader, major or captain.

Your brief psychological profile in your past life:
Timid, constrained, quiet person. You had creative talents, which waited until this life to be liberated.     Sometimes your environment considered you strange.

The lesson that your last past life brought to your present incarnation:
It always seemed to you that your perceptions of the world are somewhat different.     Your lesson is to trust your intuition as your best guide in your present life.

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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Life . . . 

"The tragedy of life is not that it ends so soon,
but that we wait so long to begin it."
- W.M. Lewis

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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Stop The Pounding . . . 

The last three weeks have been extremely hectic -- I mean, I honestly can't even begin to explain how hectic -- that's how hectic they have been.     I've been busy -- non-stop -- from the moment I wake up until late into the night when I finally go to bed.     You would think I would be able to fall asleep quickly but, . . . NO!     Insomnia is a normal thing for me, even when I'm exhausted, which means I get up the next day that much more exhausted.

I've ended up with a migraine . . . my first in several months - I used to get them very often until I started taking a 'preventative' Rx about 2-1/2 years ago, which reduced my migraines from 4-5 per month to less than 4-5 per year.     I've had this migraine for 3 days now.     I'm sure part of it is associated with lack of sleep.     I've missed a couple of writing deadlines over the last two weeks, and I feel terrible about that.     Luckily, my editors are extremely understanding, and I got an extension on my deadlines but, my new deadlines are looming fast and I still haven't finished my projects.

For now, I'm going to try to shut everything out for a while, take my migraine medication, and try to shake this migraine.

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Monday, August 15, 2005

An Amazing Artist! 

Check out this amazing photographer whom I have recently become acquainted with.     His work is spectacular!

And, this image he captured -- at just the right moment in a church in Rome (the lighting is magnificent) -- is absolutely breath-taking!     Enjoy!

(c) 2000-2005 by MJL.    All Rights Reserved
Marian Jordan Lewandowski
St. Paul Outside the Walls Basilic

Nikon FM2 / 35 mm f2,0



When you visit his site, be sure to let him know that I sent you!

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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Strange Coincidence . . . 

I've watched three movies over the last two days.     There was no rhyme-or-reason to the choices I made, or how I made them -- simply random choices at that particular point in time.     The strange thing was, all three movies had unique similarities . . . all three told the story(ies) in a series of flashbacks, and in a series of dual plot lines.     This is unusual because most movies have a beginning, a middle and an ending -- but, of the three movies I chose -- I watched all three presented out of sequence, with more than one plot running at the same time.     What are the chances of choosing three movies at random that fit that scenario?

The three movies I watched were Chelsea Walls, Swimming With Sharks, and 21 Grams.     And, for even more of a twist, the last two both featured Benicio Del Toro.

I feel as if I need to watch something "ultra-lite" to detox off of this cinematic overload.     Without A Paddle arrived a couple of days ago from     That should be mindless enough!

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Friday, August 12, 2005

Cheating . . . 

As someone who has always been a loyal, faithful "cop-groupie," I can't help but feel a little guilty by my recent straying eye for firefighters.     I totally blame Dennis Leary for the entire fiasco, since I am absolutely hooked on Rescue Me, and DVR the latest episodes every Tuesday so I can watch them later - commercial-free - by fast-forwarding through.

It seems that now, when I go somewhere, I see firetrucks, bump into firemen in business establishments, and other encounters that just never happened before.     I feel like I'm cheating, somehow . . .     I should clasp my St. Michael's medallion tight, say a quick prayer, and head to the closest police station for a bit of penance -- confession to the desk sergeant on duty, accept my 'punishment,' and seek absolution.

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Chasing Dreams . . . 

"Chasing a dream, a dream no one else
can see or understand, like running after
a butterfly across an endless meadow,
is extremely difficult."

- W. P. Kinsella

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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Communication Skills . . . 

Punctuation Substitution . . .

(be sure to turn up your sound)

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In Harmony . . . 

Four Part Harmony . . .

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Yankee or Dixie? 

Check on your dialect and see if you might have crossed over to the "other side"

Test your dialect . . .

(I scored 100% (Dixie).    No surprise there!)

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Can You Tell The Difference? 

Can you tell a computer coder from a cannibal?

Test your skills at determining the difference . . .

(I scored 9 out of 10)

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Color Your World . . . 

Here's a chance to fill your day with color . . .

Express Yourself!

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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Confession . . . 

I have an addiction.     There's something that I can't seem to stop doing once I start.     Hopefully, you will not think less of me, now that I have confessed this awful thing to you.     My addiction can be seen here.

Does anyone else have this problem, too???

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Is It Flat, Really? 

You may have seen some of these images before, but . . . they're well worth another look.    The time, patience, and work that goes into something like this is totally mind-boggling!

Enjoy!     Street Painting

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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Televsion Fives . . . 

Someone recently told me that 'five' was a "magic" number because, whenever a conversation turns to lists, most people usually say, "What are your Top Five" or "What are your Top Ten" whatever . . .

With that in mind, I thought I might begin adding a few "Top Five" posts to my blog on occasion.     So, today, how about a couple of "Top Fives" about television?

Five Favorite Current Television Shows
  1.   Law & Order (Original, SVU and CI - I can't narrow it to one);
  2.   CSI (LV and NY, but not Miami);
  3.   The Closer;
  4.   Rescue Me; and
  5.   Reno 911!

Honorable Mentions:   I really have trouble narrowing down to just five, so I must include Monk, Wanted, and Kojak in the mix.

Five Favorite (No Longer On The Air) Television Shows
  1.   Hill Street Blues;
  2.   M*A*S*H;
  3.   NYPD Blue;
  4.   Touching Evil; and
  5.   Blind Justice.

If you feel so inclined, why not post your five favorite television lists on your own blog?     Just be sure to link back here so I can take a peek at your lists, too . . . it's all about having fun, right?!?     So, HAVE FUN!

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Sunday, August 07, 2005

What's A Turntable? 

Things didn't quite go as originally planned last evening, but it was still an enjoyable evening despite the set-backs.     We headed out to the Classic Car Show as planned on the bike, for the short eight mile drive to the Square.     When we left home, the weather was fine but, just a few miles down the road, the skies turned dark and a thunderstorm hit.     As any veteran biker will tell you, you're not a real biker unless you ride in the rain, so we just kept going, hoping for the best.     By the time we reached the Square, just a few more miles away, the rain had passed . . . but, not before we were a bit soaked in the process.

We met up with our friends, grabbed a quick dinner at one of the local restaurants just off of the Square, and set out to check out the cars.     There were definitely some great old cars on display.     Time kept ticking by but the Jazz Night at the Wachovia Summer Concert Series didn't seem to be materializing.     When we passed by the grandstand, the musicians were packing up their equipment and leaving.     It seems the thunderstorm that had passed over earlier had dampened their spirits, and they weren't going to risk hooking up all the electrical equipment in the event another storm passed through.

I was really in the mood for some jazz, so I suggested that we check the Irish Pub to see if they had anyone playing there.     When we checked, they said they were "in the process of trying to get someone in" -- evidently a last-minute attempt to cash in on the cancelation of the jazz show that was scheduled across the street.     Not wanting to hold out for a "maybe," we decided to head back to our friends' house to shoot a little pool, play some darts, hang out and listen to some music there.

On the ride back, it began a slow drizzle again, but we managed to make it in before the next heavy thunderstorm hit.     Nestled safe and sound in our friends' huge rec room that has been decorated in a full island decor, Barbara and I sipped Disaronno on the rocks, while my s.o. and Charles played a little Cricket, shot a little pool, and we all listened to some classic old LPs from Charles' massive collection.     Outside the thunder accompanied the music, and the rain fell in a steady downpour, while I looked through stacks of albums -- pulling out ones I wanted to hear.     LPs still sound great when the turntable is mint, and the speakers are superior.     Barbara's nephews had been over earlier in the week and they were fascinated by the turntable; they didn't have a clue what it was, what records were, or what the two did when put together.

We listened to classic Van Morrison, Pure Prairie League, Heart, Supertramp, The Who, The Stones, The Beatles, and more.     Talk about a Big Chill moment . . . it was definitely a classic Big Chill moment!

Today, we decided that the hideous fluorescent fixture in the kitchen had to go.     I've hated it since we moved in but, for some reason, the builder thought it was a good feature for the house . . . most of the features in the house are positive -- the columns, the high ceilings, the open catwalk on the upper level, the tons of windows (unless you consider the window treatment costs), the transoms in the entrances to the LR, FR, and DR, and many more . . . but, the fluorescent light was cheap-looking, didn't provide enough light, and didn't look appropriate to the cabinetry and style of the kitchen.

In our family room, we have a large ceiling fan with five lights.     The fan is white with pewter accents -- and, our kitchen cabinets are white with pewter knobs . . . so, why not move the fan into the kitchen?     That's exactly what we did.     And, we purchased a new fan for the family room -- a Harbor Breeze 52" Aged Bronze Baja Fan with an additional acorn-style light kit.     It has five blades that are made to resemble large wicker fans.


The changes were just what both the kitchen and the family room needed for a little 'kick'

A couple of months ago my s.o. upgraded his XM Satellite radio to a new unit, and received the free Roady in the process.     Of course, it was a mail-in offer, and the paperwork said it would take up to three months to receive the Roady.     The U.P.S. guy arrived on Friday with my Roady.     We're planning on installing it in my car later this afternoon, if inertia doesn't keep its dangerous hold.

My upcoming week is unbelievably hectic.     I don't even want to think about my schedule as it would make me exhausted just thinking about it.     So, for now, I'm going to grab a bottle of water, put my feet up on the sofa, and chill for a while . . .

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Saturday, August 06, 2005

Secret Confessions . . . 

Ex-prosecutor claims Monroe wasn't suicidal
Says he has notes of her secret confessions to a psychiatrist

The Associated Press
Aug. 5, 2005

LOS ANGELES - On the anniversary of Marilyn Monroe's death, a former prosecutor has unveiled what he says are notes of her secret confessions to a psychiatrist that show her as anything but suicidal.

...the rest of the story

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Weekend Night Life . . . 

A friend of ours is in a band called Iambic Underground, and they were playing at a local club last night.     We decided to invite our "Harley" friends to see Joel and his group, and we arrived a little early and hung out at M'Voorneens Irish Pub (a great little out-of-the-way place to hang out), which is downstairs from Club 104 (a more upscale-type establishment), where Iambic Underground was playing.     We had a few drinks, and listened to another band that was playing at the Pub.     They had a great jazz sax player, and played some mellow old tunes, some jazz, and some good 'ole rock-n-roll.     After a while, we headed upstairs to the other club to catch a few sets of Joel's group before heading home.

At the Pub, though . . . we had a waitress that, . . . I have to admit -- she was trying . . . but, they didn't have enough help, and service was s--l--o--w!     On a Friday night, they were out of Disaronno.     How could you run out of Disaronno on a Friday night?     First the waitress says they are going up to Club 104 to see if they have it.     Then, she says they have it upstairs, and they're waiting on someone to bring it down.     Finally, she admits that they sent someone to the wine & spirits store to buy more.     In the meantime, she suggests that I try a Midori-sour instead of the Disaronno, as it is just as good.     I guess for a nineteen-year-old, she didn't have much to compare it to.     It was like a sour-apple lollipop!     Too sweet for me . . .     But, the errand-boy finally returned with the Disaronno and, because I had to wait so long, drinks were on-the-house.

Tonight, we have plans to attend a Classic Car Show on the Town Square.     As the Activities Officer for our local H.O.G. Chapter, I contacted the organizers a few weeks ago and arranged to allow our Chapter to participate in the event with a section of the parking designated for our bikes.     I don't know how many members are planning to attend, but we will be arriving a little late, as my s.o. is working today but, ... we will arrive in plenty of time to see the cars, as well as take in the jazz concert that is set to start later in the evening.

For now, I have two movies from that I haven't watched yet . . . I think my afternoon will be spent curled up on the sofa with a movie before a night out on the town . . .

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Friday, August 05, 2005

Dinner Party 

The Friday Five meme:

1. If you could invite five people to dinner from history, living or dead, who would they be?
A.  My maternal grandmother (who died when I was eight), my maternal grandfather (who died thirty-one years before I was born), Marilyn Monroe, Vincent van Gogh, and Abraham Lincoln.

2. Why have you chosen these five individuals?
A.  I've been told that I have a lot of my grandmother's characteristics, I want to know all about my grandfather and the life he and my grandmother had when they were young and in love, Marilyn because I have always adored her, Vincent because he is my favorite artist and was so misunderstood, and Lincoln because he was such an interesting historical figure.

3. What would you serve for dinner?
A.  I would have it catered, and have a seven course meal - prepared by a famous chef - leaving all the menu and preparations to the chef's discretion.

4. What would you like to ask them?
A.  I would ask my grandparents about my family history and their lives as young lovers, I would ask Marilyn about her insecurities and how she felt about how she was treated by Hollywood, I would ask Vincent about his 'demons' and his life as an artist and being unable to sell his work, and I would ask Lincoln how he felt about the changes that he saw due to his actions in the Civil War.     Then, I would hope that everyone would feel comfortable sharing as much as they wanted about whatever they wanted.

5. Do you think everybody seated at the table would get along?     Why or why not?
A.  I would hope so, and I would like to think so.

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Gonna Make You Sweat! 

Friday Fiver meme:

1.   Do you play any sports?
A.  Not since breaking my ankle.     Previously, I participated in several sports, including volleyball, beach volleyball, tennis and softball.

2.   Do you exercise on a regular basis?
A.  Yes, I have a membership to a gym and try to workout 3-5 times a week.

3.   Name one person that raises your blood pressure:
A.  If I even mention her name here, my BP would start rising.     What a royal-pain-in-the-***

4.   You need to go up two floors in a building: do you use the stairs or the elevator?
A.  Usually, I take the stairs - unless I'm running a bit late, then I take the elevator up and leave by the stairs.

5.   One thing that makes you go "Hmmmmm"?
A.  Stupid commercials that advertisers think will make you buy their products.

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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Bogged Down By . . . Life . . . 

I'd like to say that I'm still in "beach-mode" and that is why I haven't updated, but it isn't anything that exotic.     Since returning from the beach, life has been extremely hectic.     I've spent little, if any, time at home . . . between business meetings, freelance work, several dinners out with friends, Harley excursions, and so on . . . I haven't had a chance to catch my breath, let alone catch up with my blog.

With everything swirling around me, here's the sign I'd like to see again . . .


ahhhhhhhh, to be dipping my toes back into the surf again . . .

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Wednesday, August 03, 2005


Cheddar X meme:

"Yep, its time to bust out a new CHEDDAR and this time, I'm going back into the drafts that have never made it to the blog and will compile, collide and collude this latest episode of the Cheddar X.     Dig in."

1.   How many times a day do you wash your hands?     7 - 12, give or take.

2.   How often do you get the flu that's going around?     rarely, if ever.

3.   How often are you really "sick" when you take a sick day?     that's the great thing about being 'self-employed' - I take off whenever I want to.

4.   Who would you like to see in a cage match?     No interest in seeing anyone in one.

5.   Name 3 things you absolutely love.     cheese, sushi, my animals.

6.   If you had to give 2 of them up which would they be (and why)?     I couldn't give up any of them - no way I could choose.

7.   Name 3 things you absolutely loathe.     arrogant self-centered people who don't listen, narrow-minded prejudice people, and people who abuse children or animals.

8.   What is your all time favorite memory EVER?     oooooooh, hard one to narrow down.     All night w/C sitting by the river, talking, ranks up in the top 5!

9.   What is the one thing that happened in high school that would make you avoid your class reunion?     rape.

10.   What is your dream job, no matter how untrained you might be or unrealistic and bizarre it might be?     Crime Scene Investigator.

11.   If you could write yourself into any tv show, which show and how would you do it?     This would also be difficult to narrow down -- it would either be L&O:CI, CSI, or Rescue Me.     I guess, regardless of which show, I could be the 'victim' that is investigated.

12.   If you could replace anyone on a tv show, who would you choose to replace on what show and why?     Kathryn Erbe (Det. Alexandra Eames) on L&O:CI, so that I could work with Vincent D'Onofrio.

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Susan Reno-Gilliland, known as "Miss Kitty," an Irish lass, a true Southern Belle; a writer, photographer, animal-lover, dreamer, stargazer, totally tangled (or is that entangled?) in relationships, slightly obsessive iNFp with stories to tell!    . . . (fascinated by forensics, human behavior, pushing all the right buttons of men I find interesting, and seeking utterly-sweet revenge without any repercussions.)     I am a Friday's Child.    Friday's Child is loving & giving.
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