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Friday, March 05, 2004

Personality Questions 

If you have anything really valuable to contribute to the world
it will come through the expression of your own personality,
that single spark of divinity that sets you off
and makes you different from every other living creature."

~ Bruce Barton

  1. Emotional age? Some days 5 y/o, some days 105 y/o.
  2. Hairdo you wish you could pull off? Long, long, long flowing ringlets of curls.
  3. First word? I don't remember (and don't want to ring up my mom to ask).
  4. First written word? I don't remember that, either -- but I haven't stopped writing since.
  5. Famous person(s) people say you look like? Ally Walker, Sondra Locke, and with the right make-up, hair and clothes, Marilyn Monroe.
  6. Eat your vegetables? Fresh, in season, organic when at all possible, and never over-cooked.
  7. God, or a god concept? God.
  8. Most lengthy phase you ever went through: Cop-groupie.
  9. If you're a boy, do you like baking? If you're a girl, do you like grilling? I am a girl -- and -- the griller in the household most of the time.
  10. Language(s) you'd most like to speak: Spanish, Italian, and true Gaelic.
  11. Favorite names for people: Y'all!
  12. Death row last meal: My favorite dinner (appetizer to dessert) from Kanpai of Tokyo.
  13. Birthplace: Homestead AFB Florida.
  14. Do you have an accent? No, everyone else does!
  15. To-MAY-to or To-MAH-to? to-MAY-to.
  16. Most exotic thing you've ever eaten: Squid, snails and I'll plead the 'fifth' on the rest.
  17. Superheroes or the supervillains? I just don't get into the whole hero/villain genre thing.
  18. Marriage is... an outward symbol of a deep, loving commitment.
  19. Love is... the culmination of every emotion tossed into a blender and turned on high.
  20. Down pillows or plush pillows? One down pillow and one memory-foam pillow (and one body pillow is nice, too).
  21. Bush. Love him or hate him? I don't discuss politics.
  22. Favorite color? Green, but I'm very into all earth-tones.
  23. Favorite flavor of ice cream? Breyer's Mint Chocolate Chip and/or Peanut Butter Fudge Ripple.
  24. Dream job: Writer / Photographer (oh -- wait, I'm already doing that) -- but, the "dream job" would be to be a highly sought-after writer / photographer that would allow me the opportunity for unlimited travel to all parts of the World!
  25. Elvis or the Beatles? Neither (so, sue me).
  26. Coke or Pepsi? Coca Cola Classic.
  27. Bad speller? No.
  28. Friday night.   You're tired enough to stay in for the night, but not too tired to go out.   Which one do you choose? Stay home so I don't have to fight the Friday night crowds.    I'd pick another night to go out.
  29. Favorite cuisine: Mexican.
  30. Show you miss the most: Hill Street Blues and/or WKRP in Cincinnati.
  31. Were you popular in high school? No.
  32. What do you like in your brownies, nothing, nuts, or weed? Peanut butter chips.
  33. Do you like to read? All the time.
  34. How many relationships have you had?  Serious ones?   Three.
  35. How old were you when you had your first kiss? Twelve.
  36. How old were you when you first partied? Sixteen.
  37. Favorite season? It's a toss-up between Autumn and Spring.
  38. Marshmallows: burn em, or toast em? I'm not a big marshmallow fan but, if it is Autumn, and there's a bonfire, toast them to perfection, please!
  39. Do you enjoy dressing up? Yes, most definitely!
  40. Do you mind getting dirty? Yes (if you mean dirt).
  41. What did you think you were gonna be when you grew up? A police detective and/or a newspaper reporter.
  42. Number of mortal enemies: Two.

current mood:  Tired (fighting a migraine!)
current music:  Prince - "Kiss"

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