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Thursday, June 17, 2004

Wednesday Mind Hump - Week 23 

Wednesday Mind Hump - Week 23

[quoted directly from the site]   Yep!    That's right!    It's Wednesday Mind Hump Day!    Today is National Mortician's Month.    Wheeeee!    No, wait ... Ewwww!    So, because we're insane, instead of a mortician related warm up we're going to instead honor National Drive Safe Month.    Yaaay! Using the letters L-I-C-E-N-S-E reveal some unusual things about your driving habits or your vehicle or what you do in your vehicle besides drive or ... well, you get the point.    On to the hump >>>>>    [end quote]

L = Listening to my music WAAAY too loud, especially when the top is down

I = Ignoring the "players" who want to yell "hey, hey, chicky baby" when the rag top is dropped

C = Cleaning out my car only when I know someone will be riding with me

E = Eating in the car at 65 m/p/h blows all the calories out the back of the ragtop, so nothing really counts!

N = Never passing up a chance to flirt with a cute guy at a stop light - don't forget the hairflip with a giggle!

S = Showing my personality with totally "me" stickers placed in sheer perfection in just the right spots on the car.

E = Educating the public with my license plate that promotes breast cancer awareness!

This week a little getting to know you craziness.

01. You are a ride at a theme park.    What are you and why?

A. I am the Spider - eight arms, three cars each arm - the arms spin in a circle, and the cars spin on the arms.    I am a ride that drives you crazy by making you feel drunk and weak in the knees!

02. You are an inanimate object and you have the same capabilities as a mood ring.    What are you and how do you operate?    Example:    Mood Pen:    The ink changes color depending on what the mood is.

A.    I am a mood T-Shirt . . . whenever you're near me, and your heart beats a little faster, you change colors . . . whenever you get a little "hot-and-bothered," you change colors . . . and, when you are thinking naughty thoughts, you change colors . . . easy to read - easy to know exactly how you feel about me.

03.    You own the most unusual store in the world where you sell a product that's never been sold before - it could be anything from instant serenity to personality enhancers to holy drinking water that absolves your sins (that's no joke folks, it really exists).    What is the name of your store, what do you sell and do you have a selling catch phrase?

A.    The store's name is Serendipity, and it offers those magical moments when everything comes together in a cosmic alignment that can only be the mysterious and mystical force of serendipity.    The catch-phrase . . . "you can't force fate"

04.    Describe an item of clothing that has definitely seen better days but that you refuse to dispose of and still wear.    Why won't you toss it?

A.    A pair of denim shorts (that used to be jeans) that have naturally-occurring holes everywhere (but strategically positioned so as not to be obscene).    These jeans/shorts have been in my possession for over ten years and just have that comfortable "teddy-bear" feeling that make them great to toss on (not away!).

05.    Going on the belief that "It's the little things that count." what is some little thing that might seem insignificant to others that recently made you smile or gave you a really happy feeling?

A.    Lying in my hammock and having all three dogs pile into the hammock with me and NOT having it dump us all out onto the ground!

Okie dokie - that's this week's hump.    Do it baby!   Do the humpty hump!

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