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Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Wednesday Mind Hump  

"Wednesday Mind Hump - Week 25"

Today is Meteorite Day commemorating the 1908 meteorite crash in Central Siberia which caused the largest explosion in recorded history.    As a warm-up and in observance of Meterorite Day, using the letters E-X-P-L-O-S-I-O-N list some odd habits or quirks you have.    *Note: You can use "ex" for the "x"

E - expecting others to show the same courtesies and considerations as I do in public situations, and being frustrated when they don't.

X - [e]xplosive with a bit of 'road-rage' when people are I-D-I-O-T-S in traffic.

P - passive-aggressive (at times) when I feel someone is trying to manipulate a situation just to show their superiority or authority over me.

L - loves too deeply (don't ask; it's a long, long story!)

O - obsessive-compulsive (at times) over certain (small) things . . . such as checking to make sure the stem on the wind-up clock is pulled all the way out, checking to make sure the doors are locked and the security alarm is set, when a room has more than one set of light switches - making sure that all of the switches are turned the same way.

S - seven is my "number," as in lucky, and as in "count-wise" for the few things I have a slight ocd issue with.

I - insomniac often, if not overly-medicated and, sometimes, even then.

O - owns an amazing collection of police memorabilia.

N - not wanting my food to touch (each other) on a plate, and not liking foods that are all mixed together.

01.    You have the opportunity to make a movie with your favorite star, who would the star be and what would the title and the sub-title be? Example: Richard Dreyfuss :: Jaws :: Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water.

A.   Sean Connery :: The Rock :: No Viagra Needed

02.    The lead story on the Eleven O'Clock News is about you ... what have you done?

A.   I have released yet another book that has shot straight to the New York Times' Best Seller List, bringing me national recognition (again) which, in turn, has brought national attention to my two special charities - Breast Cancer Awareness and Animal Rescue & Adoption - finding me making the talk-show circuits promoting my book and my charitable causes.

03.    Blue laws are absolutely ridiculous laws that are still in law books across the nation.    Example: In Devon, Connecticut, it is unlawful to walk backwards after sunset.    Pick something that annoys the heck out of you and write the law against it.

A.   Children under a "certain" age should not be allowed in upper scale restaurants.    If the restaurant chooses to allow patrons to bring under-age children into these fine dining establishments, they should provide a completely-separate "No-Children" section for patrons.    If restaurants do not prohibit children and/or do not provide a completely separate "No-Children" section, they should be fined $5,000 per child, and the inconvenienced patrons should receive a year's worth of meals free of charge.

04.    If you were in the story Alice In Wonderland, what character would you be and why?

A.   Alice, because I always have a way of finding myself in all sorts of "trouble," but always manage to get out of it without too many 'war-wounds!'

05.    If it did make a sound, what sound would your head make when you shake it?

A.   The muffled sounds you hear when entering a noisy cocktail party.    There's so much varied information rumbling around in there, its as if a group of people are all talking at the same time, all about different subjects.

aaaaaand ... drum roll, please - Everyone had so much fun with the Guess-A-Hump last week we've decided to try it again!    Think of an item ... ... don't tell us what the item is.    Now, describe that item in brief paragraph (the size, the color, etc) but don't give it away.    Okay, now you're ready to hump it up.    Replace the name of the item with the word hump".    Other players will come to your blog and try to guess what your hump is.    If you want to make it really interactive, let people ask yes or no questions.    Tomorrow morning, post the answer to your hump and for big fun add a picture.

Q.    My "hump" is a set of two.    My "hump" are rather hard and unyielding.    My "hump" were very expensive when I made the decision to purchase them.    What is/are my "hump?"

current mood:    Doin' the (Wed.) humpty-hump
current music:    My s.o. punching the buttons on the telephone ALL DAY LONG! *sheesh*
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