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Thursday, September 29, 2005

St. Michael's Day 

Today is the Celebration of St. Michael.     You may find it odd that the daughter of a strict Baptist minister would mention the celebration of a patron saint, but . . . I wear a long, braided gold chain around my neck that has two tiny gold medallions -- one is a St. Christopher, and the other is a St. Michael.     St. Michael is the patron saint of police officers and sailors, two groups who are very close to my heart.

St. Michael

St. Michael by Raphael

Here is a bit of history about St. Michael and the Feast/Celebration of St. Michael:
This Christian saint, Prince of All Angels, is an archangel who was the leader of the army of God during the Lucifer uprising, casting Satan out of Paradise.     He is one of only two angels named in the Bible, the other being Gabriel.     He is associated with the planet Mercury.     Muslims, Christians and Jews all express devotion to him, and there are writings about him in all three religions.     Considered the guardian angel of Israel, Michael’s name means in Hebrew, ‘Who is like God?’.

'just a little diversion from my usual ramblings . . .

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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

This Week In . . . 

This Week In
Rock and Roll History
September 25th to October 1st

1963 -
The Rolling Stones began their first tour of the United Kingdom.     They played 32 dates, opening for acts like The Everly Brothers, Bo Diddley and Little Richard.

1964 -
Roy Orbison's "Oh, Pretty Woman" reaches the top of the Billboard Hot 100.     It would be the last of a string of nine straight top ten records for The Big O.
Beatles manager Brian Epstein turns down a 3 1/2 million pound offer from a group of US businessmen who wanted to buy out his Beatles' management contract.
The Kinks release their first US hit, "You Really Got Me". The song will spend 10 weeks on the chart and rise to #7,

1965 -
"The Beatles", a half hour Saturday morning cartoon show featuring genuine Beatles songs but not their real voices, premieres on ABC. The show would run through September 7, 1969.
Bob Dylan appears at Carnegie Hall in New York and introduces his new touring band made up of guitarist Robbie Robertson, organist Garth Hudson, bassist Rick Danko, pianist Richard Manual and drummer Levon Helm.     They will become known simply as The Band.

1968 -
The Beatles had not only their biggest hit, but also the largest selling record of the 1960s when "Hey Jude" reached the top of the charts.     The song, written for John's son Julian, would stay at number one in the US for eight weeks.

1969 -
On September 30th, David Crosby's girlfriend Christine Gail Hinton is killed in a head-on auto accident north of San Francisco, the same day the "Crosby, Stills & Nash" album goes gold.
The Beatles release their 13th album in the UK, "Abbey Road".     It's released in the US a week later and is the last album they will ever make together as a group.     Within a month, the album begins an eleven week run on Billboard's Hot 200 album chart.
Carlos Santana had his first taste of success when his debut LP entered Billboard's album chart.     The disc contained his hit single "Evil Ways" and would eventually hit number 4, staying on the chart for over two years.     His 1999 album, "Supernatural" has sold in excess of ten million copies, as well as winning a Grammy Award for Best Performance By A Duo or Group With Vocals.

1970 -
Jimi Hendrix is buried in The Greenwood Cemetery at the Dunlop Baptist Church in his hometown of Seattle, Washington on October 1st.     His tombstone is inscribed: Forever In Our Hearts, James 'Jimi' Hendrix 1942 - 1970

1972 -
On September 27th, Rory Storm, the leader of one of Liverpool's earlier beat groups, takes his own life in what is presumed to be a suicide pact with his mother, who is also found dead at the scene.     Rory Storm and the Hurricanes are best remembered as the group that Ringo Starr left in 1962 to play drums for the Beatles.

1976 -
Jerry Lee Lewis, attempting to shoot a bottle with a .357 magnum, hits his bass player, Norman Owens twice in the chest.     Lewis is charged with shooting a firearm within the city limits.
Kenny Loggins and Jim Messina play their farewell concert in Hawaii at the end of a 34 city tour.

1979 -
The Eagles' LP, "The Long Run" is released.

1980 -
Led Zeppelin was rehearsing at Jimmy Page's house in preparation for an American tour, when on September 25, drummer John Bonham was found dead in his bed, following an all-day drinking binge.     The 32 year old Bonham had passed out and choked on his own vomit.     In December, Led Zeppelin would announce that they were disbanding, saying they could not continue without Bonham.

1981 -
Hall & Oates' "Private Eyes" LP enters the Billboard chart.     The album will go platinum and contains two #1 hits: "Private Eyes" and "I Can't Go For That."

1986 -
The Beatles' "Twist and Shout" re-enters the US pop singles chart over twenty-five years after it first appeared.     The song was featured in the films "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" and "Back To School".

1987 -
The Grateful Dead's "Touch Of Grey" peaks at #9 on the singles chart, becoming their biggest chart hit.

1988 -
John Lennon receives a posthumous star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

1993 -
Wilson Pickett is sentenced to one year in jail for hitting an 86 year-old man with his car while drinking.

1994 -
The London Daily Mirror prints a colour photo of Michael Jackson in a scoutmaster's uniform along with five young Boy Scouts.     The Boy Scouts of American later say that Jackson has no association with the organization.

1998 -
CCR's John Fogerty gets a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

2002 -
Barry White's record label, Def Jam Island Music Group, issued a statement that said the 58 year old singer is battling kidney failure brought on by years of high blood pressure.     White "has started a course of maintenance dialysis therapy.     Once stabilized, he will be a candidate for a kidney transplant."

2003 -
Robert Palmer, who reached number 14 in the US in 1979 with "Bad Case Of Loving You", died of a heart attack at the age of 54 on September 26th.

2004 -
Legendary record producer Phil Spector was formally charged with murder in the February 3rd 2003 shooting of actress Lana Clarkson.

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Down-sizing . . . 

I've decided that MySpace isn't for me after all.     It's just another thing to take up my time, plus I'm being constantly contacted by people who "want to add me as a friend" that don't even know me and are basing 'assumptions' on superficial things.     I'm just not into all of that scene.     So, I've decided to delete my account there but, before I do, I thought I would copy over some of the lists that I had on my main page.     Some of the info may be repetitive but, some may be new to my readers here.

About me:     Known as "Miss Kitty," an Irish lass, a true Southern Belle; a writer, photographer, artist, interior designer, animal-lover, dreamer, stargazer, cop-groupie, 70's junkie, sexy Harley passenger, totally tangled (or is that entangled?) in relationships, slightly obsessive iNFp with stories to tell! . . . (fascinated by forensics, human behavior, pushing all the right buttons of men I find interesting, and seeking utterly-sweet revenge without any repercussions.)

Who I'd like to meet:    I guess, in my case, this should read . . . "Who I would have like to have met" . . . and, that would have been . . . (in no particular order) Marilyn Monroe, Abraham Lincoln, Vincent van Gogh, Sigmund Freud, and my maternal Grandfather.

Music:    Creed, 3 Doors Down, Matchbox Twenty, Rob Thomas, Lifehouse, Five For Fighting, Hoobastank, Green Day, Nickelback, Goo Goo Dolls, Maroon 5, Counting Crows, Chris Botti, Bryan Adams, John Waite, Eagles, CCR, Metallica, Barry White

Movies:    Casablanca, The Big Chill, Bull Durham, Sneakers, Tombstone, 9-1/2 Weeks, Goodfellas, Fatal Attraction, Reservoir Dogs, The Adventures of Buckaroo Bonzai Across The Eighth Dimension, Aliens, Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, The Way We Were, The Bridges of Madison County, Heartbreak Ridge

Television:    The Closer, Rescue Me, CSI, CSI:NY, L&O:CI, L&O:SVU, Kojak, Wanted

Books:    When Lovers Are Friends - Merle Shain, The Artist's Way - Julia Cameron

Heroes:    My Mom

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Monday, September 26, 2005

Rainy Days and Mondays ... 

You would think that - being in Georgia - so (relatively) close to the Southeast that is being hit with all of the bad weather over the last few weeks, we would have seen some of the residual rain from the storms.     But, amazingly-enough, we have been without rain for over three-plus weeks here.     Our grass is literally 'crunchy' when you walk on it, even with regular watering.

Yesterday, the forecast predicted thunderstorms, and the skies were threatening for part of the day.     We still kept our 'date' with friends for an afternoon ride and lunch.     We rode our Harleys northwest to a town about thirty miles away and had lunch at a nice Italian restaurant.     Then we took to the backroads for some 'ride' time.     Although, at times, the skies darkened, we never had any rain - but, the winds were fierce in spots - making it difficult to keep the bikes on the road.

On the way back into town, we took a detour to check out an abandoned bridge that someone had told me about earlier in the week.     We found the spot that led through the woods down to where it was supposed to be.     Our friends stayed with the bikes while my s.o. and I hiked back into the woods a bit looking for what I was told would be "just a short walk back off of the road."     The guy that told me about the bridge said he hadn't been there in 3-4 years.     I guess time had dimmed his recollections of things a bit.     It was more that a short walk; it was a decent, little hike - and took a winding path up, down and around a washed-out area that was possibly the remainder of the original road leading to the bridge.     We finally found it, and I did get a few photos of it but, because of the overgrowth and all of the leaves that are still on the trees, I'll need to go back later in the fall when more leaves have fallen to get a better view of the structure.

I awoke this morning to a welcomed sight . . . it had actually been raining overnight.     It isn't raining now, but it is still overcast with the threat of more rain.     For once, I'd enjoy a rainy Monday.

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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Is This Thing On? 

There seems to be an *echo* in here lately . . .

Why write when it doesn't seem like anyone is reading anyway???

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Friday, September 16, 2005

Feast Sixty-Two 

Friday's Feast, a buffet for your brain . . .

Do your closer friends tend to be male or female?     Why do you think that is?
Most of my close friends are male.     It has always been this way.     Why?     I'm not sure.     I seem to relate better, and communicate easier, with males than females.     Perhaps, subconsciously, there might be some competition in the air between other females, and I just don't like the vibes.

If you could wake up tomorrow with a new talent, what would it be?
To be more organized.     I feel as if, sometimes, I'm "spinning-my-wheels" and not getting as much done as I could if I were just more organized.     It is one of the downfalls of a right-brained personality.

Name a household cleaning item that you would recommend to others.
Hmmmmmmmmm???     This assumes I clean   *ha-ha*   Just kidding!     We have hardwood floors (because of all of the animals) and, although it is a much better choice than carpet, it still shows feet-print and such rather quickly.     I buy a 2-part product for my cleaning lady to use on the floors made by Holloway House.     One is a floor cleaner, and the other is a floor shiner (not a wax).     By using the 2-part system on the floors, they look like glass when she is finished (for about 20 minutes until all of the cats and dogs walk all over the floors again).

Main Course
What do you strive for in life?
Happiness, or at least some sort of peaceful existence.

On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being highest, how funny do you consider yourself?
A strong seven, I think.

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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Super 7 Cheddar X 


  •   7 things you plan to do before you die:   Visit my homeland of Ireland; Go on a photo-safari to the African Serengeti, Become a better networker; Market & sell my photographs; Get a digital Pentax SLR camera; Spend more time at the beach; and Finish my book.

  •   7 things you can do:   Listen; Make my friends laugh; Make a killer pot of chili; Install hardwood flooring; Drive a stick; See the beauty in something that has been abandoned; and Invent creative excuses for my procrastinating.

  •   7 things you cannot do: Tolerate injustice; Tolerate cruelty to animals, children or the elderly; Tolerate prejudices of any kind; Be in close proximity to bugs; Drive 55; Pass up an invitation to a Mexican restaurant; and Go to sleep (I'm a chronic insomniac).

  •   7 things you never thought you'd do:   Eat sushi; Move five times in twelve years; Own a 107 y/o Victorian farmhouse with acreage; Stay at the Atlantis Resort & Casino in Nassau Bahamas three times - all-expenses paid; Own a convertible; Travel extensively; and Be a published columnist.

  •   7 things that attract you to other people:   Personality; Uniqueness; Humor; Quirkyness; Honesty; Openness; and Initial Gut Instinct.

  •   7 things that you say most often:   "Thank You"; ""Quit Barking/Shut Up"; "Hello,"; "My column/project will be in by the deadline"; "S**t"; "D****t"; and "F**k".

  •   7 celebrity crushes:   Sean Connery; Colin Farrell; Mark Wahlberg; Lee Tergesen; Antonio Banderas; Jason Statham; and Vince Vaughn.

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Monday, September 12, 2005

Books, Movies & Stuff . . . 

I have always prided myself on the fact that I am an avid (almost 'rabid') bibliophile - and - audio/videophile (has that phrase changed with the turn to cds/dvds?).     I stopped cataloging my personal (written) library about ten years ago when the amount of books exceeded 4,000+.     That doesn't even include my studio library, which I stopped cataloging about seven years ago when the amount of books exceeded 1,750+.     Cataloging became almost impossible for two reasons -- (1) we moved five times during the last twelve years and each time had a moving company pack up everything and move us; and (2) there were just so many books, with more added all the time, that I just couldn't keep up with the cataloging details.     This doesn't even begin to include cataloging my album, CD, video and DVD collections.

Even with all of the bookshelves that we have in the house, and in my studio, and in my s.o.'s home-office, we have boxes upon boxes of books that still haven't been unpacked since the last move.     I'm considering several options to reduce my collection of books . . . including eBay,, and others.     I'm also open to suggestions, if my readers have any they would like to share.

And, I just love movies!     My head is filled with all sorts of entertainment trivia (that is probably taking up room in my brain that I need for more important stuff) . . .     One of the things I decided to do this year (thanks to 43Things) was to keep a list of all of the movies that I watched during the year.     If you want to see what I've watched so far, here's a link to my list:


I also recently found a link to a site that 'claims' to have a comprehensive list of "Top Lists of The Best ..." for Books, Movies, and Music all in one place.     I clicked on a few of the links and, I have to admit, I don't agree with quite a few of the lists -- including The American Film Institute's Lists of several compilations (such as AFI's 100 Funniest American Movies Of All Time), as well as Oprah's "O, The Oprah Magazine's "50 Greatest Chick Flicks of All Time"."     In fact, I only somewhat-agreed with just two of the fifty movies that were on the Oprah list.     Does this mean I'm not a typical "chick?"     Well, I never claimed to be, and like to consider myself unique but, . . . jeez!, I thought I might match more than two!

I also found a site that is called

which is the perfect place to use all of that entertainment trivia that I have filling my head . . . I played all 16 Rounds and ended up scoring 82% correct out of 320 movies.     I honestly should have scored higher and, if I had paid a little closer attention to some of the details in the some of the stills, I could have scored higher.     If you're into movies, you'll love this site.

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Sunday, September 11, 2005

Caught In A Whirlwind . . . 

I can't even begin to explain what life is like these days.     The closest description I can think of is that I feel as if I'm standing on a train platform, and the trains keep zooming by -- as fast as they can -- never slowing down, never stopping at the platform -- simply passing me by.     By that, I don't mean that I feel as if "life" is passing me by, in the way most people use that phrase . . . I just mean that it seems like time has been wound too tight and everything is moving in fast motion, and I can't seem to keep up with everything I need to take care of on a daily basis because life is just swirling around me like a whirlwind.

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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Looking Forward To . . . 

Two upcoming events that I am looking forward to . . .

October 20th - 23rd in Daytona Beach,
Florida for the Annual Biketoberfest Event!

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Can You Feel It? 

Beginning last week, there was a "hint" in the air that my favorite time of year was just around the corner.     Of course, the days have still been hot, muggy and, often-times, unbearable but, early mornings have been the giveaway.     Autumn is coming, and bringing with it all the glorious colors, the cooler temperatures, the chilly early morning and late evening Harley rides, Alabama football, bonfires, and late evenings with friends enjoying the crisp, clear night air and lively conversations . . .

Saturday evening, we watched the first Alabama game on an ESPN gameday ticket.     You know Autumn can't be too far away when the Tide suits up and Big Al is mugging for the cameras.

Alabama Crimson Tide Football

And, along with our long Labor Day weekend, we expended some labor to move forward with our plans to extend our back deck.     Our house currently has a covered porch that wraps around three full sides of the house.     On the back of the house, the covered porch turns into a covered screened-in porch on one side of the breakfast room, and an open deck on the other side of the breakfast room.     The breakfast room is joined to either side by two sets of French doors leading out to either the screened porch or the open deck, with a full wall of windows facing directly back into the back yard.

Even though the deck was finished our with full stairs, a landing, and built-in seating, it was built with several angles to the outer edges that -- for all intents and purposes -- merely cut off useable square footage, and make the deck smaller than it actually is.     So, we have extended the deck space from the top of the stairs/landing straight out (right now it juts in), all the way over to meet up with where we have extended the floor area of the covered porch (that stopped just 5' past the corner of the house and jutted in to begin forming the deck area).     By extending out a line from the covered porch and extending out a line from the stairs/landing, we have (basically) squared-up all of the jigs and juts that were cutting into useable deck space.     We've added five 12' double 6x6 posts, lag-bolted together, and set on footings and concreted into the ground, for the supports for the remainder of the deck extension.     The joists have been hung and, now, all of the current railings and ballisters will need to be removed so that the floor decking can be installed.     This extension will add approximately 450 s/f of extra deck space to the deck when it is finished.     And, when it is complete, we are having a hot tub installed.

I had a stack of mail to take out to the mailbox this morning and *brrrrrr* there was a definite nip-in-the-air.     So I came back inside and whipped up some raspberry scones from scratch, and I'm waiting on them to finish cooking.     I'm going to brew a cup of cinnamon tea, have a scone or two, and sit out on the deck and enjoy the early morning crispness that is in the air.

Then, it will be time to get to work.     I have a couple of looming deadlines on some columns that are due, and I have some personal and business correspondence to attend to, and several phone calls I must make.     I also have to design some flyers for an upcoming Texas Hold 'Em fundraiser that I am overseeing for our Harley Owners' Group Chapter.

But, for now, I can smell those delicious scones, and I hear the tea kettle starting to whistle . . . it's time for a little "me" time out on the deck . . .

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Monday, September 05, 2005

What Pattern Is Your Brain? 

Your Brain's Pattern

Your mind is a creative hotbed of artistic talent.
You're always making pictures in your mind, especially when you're bored.
You are easily inspired to think colorful, interesting thoughts.
And although it may be hard to express these thoughts, it won't always be.

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Friday, September 02, 2005

Rally On The River, II . . . 

Since I promised, and since some have asked, I really should finish posting about last weekend's Rally on the River.     Due to some previous commitments late into the afternoon on Thursday, we didn't travel up for the "kick-off" party that was held at the local dealership on Thursday evening, but waited until early Friday morning to make the ride up.     The weather was perfect for an early-morning ride, and we (my s.o. and I and another couple we frequently ride with) stopped about thirty-plus miles north of home and ate breakfast at Cracker Barrel before heading the rest of the way on into Chattanooga (approx. an hour-plus ride from the Cracker Barrel).

We arrived at our hotel around 10:00 a.m. and the City, the streets, even the hotel parking lot and parking garage were already filled with bikes.     We had arranged for early check-in, so we finalized our transactions, unpacked the bags from the backs of the bikes, visited our rooms to unload and to change clothes, and headed down to the Tennessee River at Ross's Landing where the event was taking place.     We arrived at one of the designated parking areas and made our way to one of the gates -- flashing our mandatory wristbands at each checkpoint -- and entered into the Rally.     It was a sea-of-bikers, most wearing their Chapter colors, and all moving from display, vendor and musical stage like kids at an amusement park.

One of the vendors that caught my eye was Tribe American Leathers from Scottsdale, Arizona.     He had some amazing jackets, halters, vests, and such -- all hand-made and hand-decorated.     I really liked his fringed leather halters, and was having a difficult time deciding between three different colors.     Instead of narrowing it down to only one, I finally decided to buy two -- one is a deep forest green with a hint of blue undertones, and has a small silver and black medallion tooled into the center of the "V" neck, and the other one is a chocolate brown with silver studs (round beads) mounted completely around the neckline, following the "V" pattern of the neckline from shoulder strap to shoulder strap.     Both have plenty of fringe, too.     And, the prices were unbelieveable.     I purchased both for less than what one would have cost elsewhere.     And they come with a warranty; he will repair or replace most damages and lost metalwork.

Another vendor that I visited later in the event was the I-Beam tent.     These are custom glasses, especially for riding -- they guarantee no wind will get behind the frames, so that you don't have to wear goggles when riding.     I was skeptical, but the guy swore by his guarantee - he was telling everyone who purchased a pair to go out on the Interstate and try them out (they're tested up to 200 m/p/h, and guaranteed not to fly off your face at that speed, too) and, if you were dissatistfied with the glasses, bring them back, and he would immediately refund your money.     They weren't cheap, but they had a good feel and fit to them, along with good dark lenses for cutting the glare.     I bought a pair, knowing that if they didn't keep the wind out, I would bring them back before the end of the Rally for a refund.

WOW!, what an amazing pair of glasses!     No more bug-eyed goggles for me.      These glasses do exactly what they promise to do (and look good in the process).     I got small, silver-mirrored frames with slightly mirrored lenses.     The glasses I got are not shown on the website because they are the newest product line that I-Beams is carrying.     But, you can check out their site to see their other products by clicking on the link above.

Willie-G was also at the event.     He was signing autographs for an hour each day, and you could only get in to see him if you had been lucky enough to receive a ticket to stand in line to meet him (distributed by event staff on a "somewhat" random basis).     We had a chance to circle around to the back of where he was signing autographs and managed to get a couple of photos of him from the side of the tent.     They're not the greatest photos because of the lighting, but, hey!, . . . it was Willie-G!

We also traveled over to the local dealership on Saturday (which is approximately 20+ miles away from the rally event), and they had practically as many vendors in and around their parking lot as the H.O.G. Rally event had on the River.     My s.o. found a new helmet at one vendor that he came looking for me to tell me that I "had-to-buy" and, when he took me to see it, he was right.     It was a purple snakeskin helmet, trimmed out in black leather - and it was gorgeous.     I used to have a pair of purple snakeskin pumps that I wore all the times - that I absolutely loved - and these reminded him (and me) of those shoes.     Naturally, I had to have this helmet!     I asked the guy if he happened to have any boots to match, but he didn't.     So, now my mission is to search for a pair of purple snakeskin boots that I can wear while riding the bike that will match my helmet.     Won't that be a cool look?

I also bought a few new t-shirts, some new patches for my vests - including a great Betty Boop one where she's riding a Harley, and a classy small, round sticker for the back window of my car (black with orange flames and an eagle).

To top all of that, there was an artist at the dealership who was doing custom hand-painted detailing on bikes.     We had something added to the top of our gas tank.     On our bike, there is a strip of leather and braid that runs down the center of the gas tank.     On either side of the leather, we had the artist paint a single feather, with several streamers.     Each feather is painted on the inside with red, white and blue to resemble an American flag.     My s.o. has Cherokee Indian in his heritage, and the feathers pay tribute to both his family history, and to our country's history.     The guy did a fantastic job with the artwork, and he had never done anything like this before (he had painted feathers, but never with this type of design), so he took photos and will be using our bike on his website to showcase the new work that he created.     I'll try to post some photos of the artwork as soon as I can snap some pictures.

On Friday, we took the opportunity to take the cruise down the River on the Southern Belle Riverboat, which was offering free cruises for all Harley rally attendees.     I've been on the Riverboat many times for various dinner cruises, and dance cruises, and this one was a mini-sightseeing tour of the areas along the Tennessee River.     Even though I'm originally from the area, I'll take any excuse to spend time on the water.     On Saturday evening, they hosting a dance party on the stationary barge that is the dock for the Southern Belle Riverboat.     The barge has plenty of tables, a bar, and a decent sized area for dancing.     The D.J. was playing some great music, too.     We 'bumped-into' some other friends from our local Chapter at the rally, and we all headed down to the barge for a couple of hours of dancing and listening to music.

All-in-all, it was a great trip (despite the fact that I ended up with a bit of a sunburn).     And, I can say from experience, Harley bikers are some of the nicest people I have ever met!

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Buy my stuff at Lulu!

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