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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Astrological Chart 


Rising Sign is in 00 Degrees Aries
You are a free spirit and you must be first at everything you do.    Very energetic, self-assertive and active, things must be done your way.     Even though you may feel calm and serene on the inside, you certainly do not act that way.     You want to do everything full-tilt, 100 miles per hour!     A great competitor, but a poor cooperator -- you must learn how to lose more gracefully.     Very self-confident, ambitious and passionate, you radiate positive energy.     You are blunt and direct, but at times unfeeling and tactless, especially if anyone offers you any resistance.     You fight for your beliefs, but your tendency to act first and think later often causes you much grief.

Sun is in 13 Degrees Scorpio.
Intense and complex by nature, you have extremely strong emotional reactions to most situations.     Feelings are often very difficult for you to verbalize.     Therefore you have a tendency to be very quiet - - to brood and think a lot.     You seldom get overtly angry, but, when you do, you are furious and unforgiving.     When you make an emotional commitment, it is total -- you are not attracted to superficial or casual relationships.     If you are challenged, you take it as a personal affront and tend to lash out and fight back in a vengeful manner.     You love mysteries and the supernatural.     A good detective, you love getting to the roots of problems and you enjoy finding out what makes other people tick.     You are known to be very willful, very powerful and quite tenacious!

Moon is in 04 Degrees Aquarius.
Very freedom-oriented, you must always be able to do what you wish, no matter what.     You become stubborn and recalcitrant when others try to force you into a mold.     You are a true democrat -- you are not a follower, but you enjoy being with those who are like-minded.     You appreciate emotional self-control -- you practice it yourself and you look for it in others.     You solve problems, including emotional ones, with your brains and intellect, not your feelings.     Try to be tolerant of those who have powerful and obvious emotional responses -- not everyone is as objective, cool, dispassionate and detached as you are.

Mercury is in 06 Degrees Sagittarius.
Your mind is very curious and inquisitive, always seeking information on a wide variety of topics.     The broader the subject matter (philosophy, science, religion, metaphysics), the more it will appeal to you.     You prefer to deal with abstractions -- the small but important details associated with any subject tend to slip your grasp.     You are known for being blunt, honest and truthful.

Venus is in 27 Degrees Virgo.
You express your love and affection through selfless service to people or causes.     You have a tendency to underestimate yourself and doubt your self-worth.     This is very demeaning and should be avoided -- learn to love yourself as well as you do others.     Your standards of perfection are very high -- you are attracted to relationships based on duty and responsibility.     You are supercritical of yourself and others and, at times, prefer to be alone rather than deal with any imperfections in yourself or in those with whom you might relate.

Mars is in 11 Degrees Scorpio.
Your likes and dislikes are strong and intense, never casual or superficial.     You are known for your persistence and willful obsession.     Once you have decided on a course of action, you are unstoppable.     Your emotional actions tend to be extreme, although you try to keep them muted.     You are not quick to anger, you do slow burns.     And you tend to release your anger as sarcasm or irony.     Beware of your tendency to hold grudges and to be vengeful.     When you do fight, or release your internal tensions, you do so body and soul -- you become totally passionate and your outbursts are awesome to behold.

Jupiter is in 06 Degrees Sagittarius.
You have a very strong sense of ethics and morality.     You are widely read and may also be widely traveled because you are sincerely interested in expanding your knowledge of the world about you.     At times, you have an annoying tendency to be self-righteous and preachy about your belief system.     You are usually quite idealistic and you demand the right to be able to explore the entire world of experiences yourself.     Remember to grant others the similar right -- be tolerant, not dogmatic.

Saturn is in 03 Degrees Capricorn.
Very serious-minded and mature, you have the ability to take on responsibilities and to carry out important duties.     You can also be trusted to be extremely practical and thrifty.     A good organizer, you are the ideal one to be counted on to take a clearly defined project through to its logical conclusion.     An achiever, you pride yourself on your ability to focus your attention totally on some worthy goal and then attain it.

Uranus is in 20 Degrees Leo.
You, and your peers as well, demand complete and total freedom of self- expression.     You want to make your mark in the world according to your own lights and will brook no interference from traditional authority figures, especially if they attempt to mold or shape you in any way.     You are honest and forthright, but a bit offbeat and eccentric.     The lack of self-discipline may hinder you from reaching your goals as quickly as you would like.

Neptune is in 06 Degrees Scorpio.
You, and your entire generation, are extremely interested in anything deep and mysterious.     You will explore and idealize the benefits that can accrue from the study of the occult, healing and psychology.     You are willing to experiment with substances like drugs in order to push your understanding of your inner being to the extreme.

Pluto is in 05 Degrees Virgo.
For your entire generation, this will be a time when profound changes in society's attitude toward work, duty and responsibility will be initiated.     Radical changes in attitudes toward personal health and general nutrition will be promulgated and gain wide acceptance and practice.

N. Node is in 03 Degrees Libra.
You find it very difficult to be comfortable being alone -- you would much prefer to be in an environment where many people are working together toward common goals.     Your charming and sincere approach to others assures your popularity -- you have the gift of being able to ease tensions just by your mere presence.     You're the perfect "team player" willing to sacrifice your own importance so that the group goal can be accomplished.     Be careful, however, not to become overly dependent on your interactions with others -- you have personal private needs that should not be neglected.

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