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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Toad Driving ... 

Seriously, I don't like to criticize.     I could forgive this happening once as just an accident of not paying attention, but ... three times in less than a half-mile is beyond ridiculous!

Okay, I'm sure you're wondering what I'm ranting about.     This morning, I had a few errands to run.     I only had to drive less than ten miles from my house to accomplish everything I needed to do.     As I was approaching my first stop, I was fifth in line back at a stoplight.     I glanced in my rear-view mirror only to see a small pickup truck heading toward my back bumper (approx. 4-5 car lengths away) at a high rate of speed.     The guy finally slammed on his brakes and had to veer off of the road onto the shoulder to keep from hitting me.     As unsettling as that was, since he didn't hit me, I'll chalk it up to not paying attention -- "no harm, no foul."

But, at the very next light, he almost did the same exact thing.     At least he stopped before he had to veer off of the road this time.     Lucky for the people that were in the right-hand turn lane.     I'm thinking ... if I can just make it to the next turn-olf, I can get away from this guy.     No such luck.     As I pull over into the turn lane, he pulls in behind me, and almost hits me again.     I pull into the parking lot and park, and he pulls in to a space close by.

He literally had to pry himself out from behind his steering wheel because he was wedged into the seat.     His belly didn't allow for much turning room for the steering wheel.     I don't know how that affected the brake peddle, other than maybe his belly didn't let his legs reach the floorboard.     After nearly hitting me three times, this overall clad, john-deere cap wearing yahooo gets out of his truck and gives me a dirty look.     I started to ignore him, but ... as we all know ... that's not gonna happen!

I said, in my best Southern Belle voice, "Sir, do you have something to say to me?"     He just mumbled and started to walk away.     I called after him again, and said, "Sir, if you have something to say, I'd really like to hear it."     By this time, a few other people had gotten out of their cars and were looking at him.     I then said, "Sir, you're truly a danger on the road, and I really should report your erratic driving to the authorities."     He muttered something under his breath and waddled away.

One of the men who was getting out of his car said that he had been behind us on the road and saw everything that had happened.     He had already taken down the guy's tag number and called the police.     A few minutes later, a patrol car arrived in the parking lot and the man who had made the call began talking to him.     The officer also took my statement and said he was going to wait for the guy to exit the store and cite him for reckless driving.     I decided that I would do my shopping somewhere else today.

It is raining here and, by all accounts, even slamming on his brakes, the guy coulda/woulda/shoulda hit me the way he was driving.     I'm lucky that my car isn't an accordian now.     After that first near-miss, you would have thought he would be more careful.     Go Figure!

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