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Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Wednesday Mind Hump  

"Wednesday Mind Hump - Week 25"

Today is Meteorite Day commemorating the 1908 meteorite crash in Central Siberia which caused the largest explosion in recorded history.    As a warm-up and in observance of Meterorite Day, using the letters E-X-P-L-O-S-I-O-N list some odd habits or quirks you have.    *Note: You can use "ex" for the "x"

E - expecting others to show the same courtesies and considerations as I do in public situations, and being frustrated when they don't.

X - [e]xplosive with a bit of 'road-rage' when people are I-D-I-O-T-S in traffic.

P - passive-aggressive (at times) when I feel someone is trying to manipulate a situation just to show their superiority or authority over me.

L - loves too deeply (don't ask; it's a long, long story!)

O - obsessive-compulsive (at times) over certain (small) things . . . such as checking to make sure the stem on the wind-up clock is pulled all the way out, checking to make sure the doors are locked and the security alarm is set, when a room has more than one set of light switches - making sure that all of the switches are turned the same way.

S - seven is my "number," as in lucky, and as in "count-wise" for the few things I have a slight ocd issue with.

I - insomniac often, if not overly-medicated and, sometimes, even then.

O - owns an amazing collection of police memorabilia.

N - not wanting my food to touch (each other) on a plate, and not liking foods that are all mixed together.

01.    You have the opportunity to make a movie with your favorite star, who would the star be and what would the title and the sub-title be? Example: Richard Dreyfuss :: Jaws :: Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water.

A.   Sean Connery :: The Rock :: No Viagra Needed

02.    The lead story on the Eleven O'Clock News is about you ... what have you done?

A.   I have released yet another book that has shot straight to the New York Times' Best Seller List, bringing me national recognition (again) which, in turn, has brought national attention to my two special charities - Breast Cancer Awareness and Animal Rescue & Adoption - finding me making the talk-show circuits promoting my book and my charitable causes.

03.    Blue laws are absolutely ridiculous laws that are still in law books across the nation.    Example: In Devon, Connecticut, it is unlawful to walk backwards after sunset.    Pick something that annoys the heck out of you and write the law against it.

A.   Children under a "certain" age should not be allowed in upper scale restaurants.    If the restaurant chooses to allow patrons to bring under-age children into these fine dining establishments, they should provide a completely-separate "No-Children" section for patrons.    If restaurants do not prohibit children and/or do not provide a completely separate "No-Children" section, they should be fined $5,000 per child, and the inconvenienced patrons should receive a year's worth of meals free of charge.

04.    If you were in the story Alice In Wonderland, what character would you be and why?

A.   Alice, because I always have a way of finding myself in all sorts of "trouble," but always manage to get out of it without too many 'war-wounds!'

05.    If it did make a sound, what sound would your head make when you shake it?

A.   The muffled sounds you hear when entering a noisy cocktail party.    There's so much varied information rumbling around in there, its as if a group of people are all talking at the same time, all about different subjects.

aaaaaand ... drum roll, please - Everyone had so much fun with the Guess-A-Hump last week we've decided to try it again!    Think of an item ... ... don't tell us what the item is.    Now, describe that item in brief paragraph (the size, the color, etc) but don't give it away.    Okay, now you're ready to hump it up.    Replace the name of the item with the word hump".    Other players will come to your blog and try to guess what your hump is.    If you want to make it really interactive, let people ask yes or no questions.    Tomorrow morning, post the answer to your hump and for big fun add a picture.

Q.    My "hump" is a set of two.    My "hump" are rather hard and unyielding.    My "hump" were very expensive when I made the decision to purchase them.    What is/are my "hump?"

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Monday (on Wednesday) 

From "Baker's Dozen Monday" meme.

As the Baker's Dozen Monday meme says, use: twelve thoughts and one pic to describe your weekend, so here goes my list for this week (only two days late):

1.    Cleaning, cleaning, and more cleaning so that potential buyers could view the house and think it was totally ab-fab;
2.    Needing to pack more stuff to get ready for the upcoming move, and just not being in the mood to tackle it;
3.    (Having to) watch the first two Harry Potter movies because my s.o. read the first three books and wanted to see the first two movies before going to the theatre to see the third (luckily, I've managed to stay out of the theatre so far!);
4.    Making the mistake of wearing a girlie-girl dress and girlie-girl shoes to church on Sunday instead of what I normally wear, and paying for it with blisters on my feet now.    I'm definitely a Birkenstocks, Harley boots, barefoot, or flip-flops kinda gal . . . girlie-girl shoes may look wonderful (and may have been my regular shoe of choice for years until I went a'la natural), but they hurt like the Devil now!
5.    Taking the Harley down a long country road to a great little town about 45 minutes southwest and finding a hole-in-the-wall restaurant with fabulous Italian food;
6.    Finding out that my uncle (originally from TN) now living in Colorado is currently renting a house in Tennessee for house-hunting purposes within an hour of where we will probably be relocating to shortly;
7.    Hosting a Bon Voyage party for friends who are moving to Colorado (the wife and children are leaving today [Wednesday], the husband is going to the Amazon for two weeks today [Wednesday] and will be re-joining his family in Colorado in a couple of months).    Eighteen adults, thirty children, three dogs, volleyball tournaments, horseshoe matches, grills-a-blazin', a double fudge cake with raspberry filling and loads of pale green icing, and a ton-of-fun!;
8.    Discovering that a plant that I thought had passed into the great plant beyond during winter on the mudroom porch has started sprouting all sorts of new foliage up and down the bare stalks and is filling back in very nicely;
9.    Being awake at some bizarre hour of the late night/early morning and catching a show called Passport to Design hosted by JoAnn Leibler, in which the premise is each show they transform a room into something with a theme from another country.    The one I saw was a French-Country design (granted, it was true French Country, not the blue & yellow bastardized/Americanized version that became so popular among so many decorators in the last few years), and the room was absolutely stunning when they were finished.    The kicker was when JoAnn asked the two designers the final cost of the room re-design, and was told that it only cost $153,000.00 and change - FOR ONE ROOM!;
10.    Checking on the creeping ivy (that covers the whole side yard and most of the front fence row) that I potted some of last week, and finding that it appears to be taking root.    Perhaps I'll be able to transfer a little ivy across-state-lines after all;
11.    Transplanting a large catnip plant into a planter for the cats that has been growing outside since last summer from a single four-inch cutting.    Once it establishes in the pot, I'll move it inside and the cats will go W-I-L-D!; and
12.    Receiving my insurance check from our homeowners' insurance for the lightning damage the took out my last computer, fax machine, copier, printer, scanner, satellite modem, telephone, caller ID, monitor, lamp, AND the surge protector strip.    The computer was even off at the time, and the house has six lightning rods located at strategic points along the roof-line.    I guess a 105 year old house attracts a lot of things, including massive lightning bolts!

Nepeta Cataria (catnip)

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Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Ten Athletes You Admire 

Okay, I know I haven't even done my "Monday Baker's Dozen" yet but, here goes my "Ten on Tuesday" meme for this week:

Ten Athletes You Admire

1.    Muhammad Ali, politics aside, he stood up for what he believed in, fought for what he believed in, and did (for his time and after) what others couldn't, and did it with a sense of humor and a style never seen again;
2.    Jackie Robinson, for facing many adversities from team-mates and (so-called) fans alike to achieve what had never been done before to pave the way for so many other athletes to come;
3.    Jack Nicklaus, for just going out and playing golf amidst the anger hurled at him in the beginning that anyone would challenge the legendary Arnold Palmer;
4.    "Pistol" Pete Maravich, for overcoming the obstacles when others said he couldn't play basketball, when that was his only dream in life;
5.    Payne Stewart, for more than his athletic ability, but for the way he lived his life, and shared with others;
6.    Kyle Petty, although he may run consistently 35th or more in most NASCAR races, Kyle is doing something greater in the memory of his son Adam by building "Victory Junction."    Please consider making a donation to this WONDERFUL charity!;
7.    John Smoltz who, although he was a starter, agreed to be a closer after an injury and, although he wants to return to the bullpen as a starter, is willing to do whatever it takes to help the team.    Wherever he pitches in the line-up, he gives a stellar performance;
8.    Mark Martin drove for Valvoline before switching to the Viagra car, and my s.o. worked for Valvoline for several years.    Having had opportunities to meet Mark in person, Mark is a sincere, genuine person who isn't about all the razzle-dazzle;
9.    Martina Navratilova for being a versatile athlete, with 22 years of consecutive play, and who continues to be a respected and charismatic representative of the sport; and
10.    Joe Namath - Hey!, it's Broadway Joe ... and, he was one of Bear's Boys ... Roll Tide!

I hope to get to my "Monday Baker's Dozen" BEFORE Wednesday (no promises, though)!

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Saturday, June 26, 2004

What's My "Hump?" 

From the "Wednesday Mind Hump" meme, part of the exercise was:

"Think of an item ...
...don't tell us what the item is.    Now, describe that item in brief paragraph (the size, the color, etc) but don't give it away.    Okay, now you're ready to hump it up.    Replace the name of the item with the word "hump".    Other players will come to your blog and try to guess what your hump is.    Tomorrow morning, add the answer to your hump and for big fun add a picture."

To which my response was:

My "hump" is long (15" - 20") and always wet.    My "hump" is a mottled brown and beige color, almost freckled or cheetah spotted.    My "hump" likes to stand on its' head and blow bubbles.    My "hump" can move really fast when excited.    Can you guess what my "hump" is?!?!?!?

And, the answer is (an extra day late - sorry!):

Phil, The Plecostomus

Phil is part of our family, and has moved five times with us so far.    He's getting ready for another move soon.    Phil continues to grow, and has outgrown three aquariums so far.    But, there's just something about him that makes him so endearing.    He's not like the 'normal' plecostomus - he doesn't exhibit the characteristics that most do.    He's rather "social," cosidering he's a fish.

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Friday, June 25, 2004

Do You Know What You're Eating? 

After reading the Top 10 Dirtiest Foods in Grey_Biker's latest column, it reminded me of something I read in one of Dr. Andrew Weil, M.D.'s books a few years ago.    Since I'm in the middle of packing, and have already packed all of the libraries throughout the house, I knew that the book was long-since packed.    I decided to search Dr. Weil's site to see if I could find the list of fruits and vegetables that he ranked as the worst (due to pesticides, growing procedures, processing procedures, country/import, etc.).    Although I didn't find exactly what I was looking for, I did find the following:

Food Safety: Making Wise Choices; and

Forbidden Fruit, Illegal Pesticides in the US Food Supply (from the Environmental Working Group - link suggested by Dr. Weil).

Also, I found Dr. Weil's suggestions for Stocking The Pantry.

I truly try to eat healthy but, in all honesty, eating well takes a LOT of time, effort, prep work AND it costs a lot more money than junk food, fast food, and processed foods!    By the time you buy organic ($$$$ cha-ching!), slice, dice, chop, hop, etc., and roast, grill, sautee, broil or whatever . . . you're just too tired and too broke to eat!

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Thursday, June 24, 2004

Personality Cocktail 

I "borrowed" this from my new friend, Grey Biker.
You should check him out -- he's really a great guy!

A wise man once said, "I drink, therefore I am!"    An interesting comment indeed, but what does it mean?    Well we think we have the answer.    Every personality contains a lot of traits.    This test aims to determine, from your name alone, the most dominant personality traits and give you a fun little recipe for your own personality cocktail.    Perhaps you and your friends can have a little Personality cocktail party and compare results!    We hope the concoctions this test generates don't leave a bad taste in your mouth.    Oh and remember, always drink in moderation - we dont want you getting tipsy on personalities now do we!

How to make a Southern Belle


3 parts friendliness

1 part silliness

5 parts beauty


Stir together in a glass tumbler with a salted rim.
Top it off with a sprinkle of sadness and enjoy!

Personality Cocktail

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Sounds of Silence 

"Only when one is connected to one's
own core is one connected to others ... And,
for me, the core, the inner spring, can best be
refound through solitude."

- Anne Morrow Lindbergh

"How can we hear our wise voice of intuition if we are always thinking, talking and distracted by outer events?

If we take time daily to experience physical stillness and to direct our attention inside, we can begin to find the peace, love, will and wisdom that exist as our essence."

- Inner Journey/Higher Awareness

"Growth takes place in a person
by working at a deep inner level in
a sustained atmosphere of silence."

- Dr. Ira Progoff

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Catching Up . . .  

Today, for "Theme Thursday" meme, the topic for this week is Eye-Catcher:

This certainly has a tendency to be an eye-catcher as you're driving down the road.    There's nothing like a gigantic ear of corn in the middle of a field to catch your attention.

I'm very late on my "Ten On Tuesday" meme.

The topic for this week is: "Ten Things You Look for in a Mate"


1.    Is compassionate, sincere, considerate and loving
2.    Has a slightly sick sense of humor
3.    Has similar interests in the arts (theatre, movies, books, etc.)
4.    Is interested in what I have to say
5.    Loves animals
6.    Likes moonlit nights, sitting outdoors, with or without words
7.    Likes thunderstorms
8.    Is honest, faithful and generous
9.    Is passionate in all aspects of life
10.    "Gets" me and understands where I'm coming from

I'm also late on my " Wednesday Mind Hump" meme.

The topic for this week reads as follows: "Typewriter Day.    In honor of the first patent on the typewriter ... wait, what's a typewriter?    Is that anything like a keyboard?    Okay, now we're talking.    Using the letters K-E-Y-B-O-A-R-D, tell us something about your blog or your blogging habits."

K- keeping a schedule to write daily is difficult, whether blogs or other work!
E- expecting more feedback than I'm getting, and feeling a little down about that.
Y- yearning to express my true southern charms and graces (sometimes, I miss the boat and express less-than-debutant emotions - Oh, MY!).
B- believing that my blog will grow into something greater-than-great (yeah, right!).
O- obsessing over making my blog the best it can be!
A- addicted to blogging, even when I don't do it on a daily basis.
R- reading other blogs and being inspired by other writers.
D- digging deep to find inspiration for occasional "writer's block."

"This week's hump - an even dozen of "I say ___, you think ___""

01. stroke my ego
02. sketch book
03. poke salad    (Southerners will understand!)
04. doh Homer Simpson, natch!
05. tongue tied
06. post office
07. twirl batons
08. fore duck (okay, a golf reference - sue me)
09. cup and saucer
10. curly sue
11. swim ming with the fishes
12. snooze button

"For extra fun, hump this:
Think of an item ...
... don't tell us what the item is.    Now, describe that item in brief paragraph (the size, the color, etc) but don't give it away.    Okay, now you're ready to hump it up.    Replace the name of the item with the word "hump".    Other players will come to your blog and try to guess what your hump is.    Tomorrow morning, add the answer to your hump and for big fun add a picture."

My "hump" is long (15" - 20") and always wet.    My "hump" is a mottled brown and beige color, almost freckled or cheetah spotted.    My "hump" likes to stand on its' head and blow bubbles.    My "hump" can move really fast when excited.    Can you guess what my "hump" is?!?!?!?

current mood:    Relaxed (after my last massage before my masseuse moves out of State - a sad day, actually!)
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Monday, June 21, 2004

The Thrill Of . . . 

"You have a responsibility to do what
you love every day, to become your most
authentic, powerful self, to share your passion
with the rest of the world, and to live
up to the spirit that is in you."

- Keri Smith

There is nothing more exhilarating than strapping on your helmet, slipping on your sun goggles, and sitting astride the back seat of a Harley.    The thrill of the open road, and the sights, sounds, smells, and the roar of the engine as you travel along whatever your path may be that day, brings an inner peace and centering to your soul.    At least for the time you're out riding, you seem to forget about all the other troubles, problems and trials that may be clouding your life.    You are simply at peace with Nature and the world around you.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could use the bike as a way to "permanently" escape all the bad things that are going on in your life?    Whenever things are going wrong, just take the bike out for a ride, come back, and everything that was bad has suddenly transformed into something good.    Now, THAT would be a miracle-bike.    But, honestly, it's almost that good right now.    There's truly nothing like a Harley-Davidson!

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Baker's Dozen 0621 

From "Baker's Dozen Monday" meme.

As the Baker's Dozen Monday meme instructions read: Realizing that my local bagel store has Baker's Dozen specials on Mondays led to this.    It has become a weekly thing that others want to participate in too.    The idea is to come up with twelve thoughts and one pic to describe your weekend, so goes my list this week:

1.    Scurrying about the house, making it "perfect" for potential buyers to wander through - now, someone just needs to make an offer!
2.    Packing, packing, and more packing.
3.    Cleaning, cleaning, and more cleaning.
4.    Breakfast at our favorite Saturday morning "ritual" spot - French toast, loads of powdered sugar, and a side order of bacon.
5.    Riding the Harley down long country roads to nowhere in particular.
6.    Soaking in the hot tub after long, hard, hectic days.
7.    Looking for houses in Tennessee on, and wondering how much the photos and descriptions are "fudging" on the truth.
8.    Opening all of the windows and letting the breezes blow as low temperatures and low humidity made the weekend extremely pleasurable, weather-wise.
9.    Planning a "Bon-Voyage" party for next Sunday for friends that are moving to Colorado the following week.    (Darn!    There goes my twice weekly massages!)
10.    Bumming because the PVR recorded "supposedly" all of Touching Evil on Monday evening but, when we watched it on Saturday, it stopped before the end of the show.    How long before re-runs???
11.    Stocking up at the market on fresh fruits - time to get health-conscious (again)!
12.    Having potential buyers stay at the house for 1-1/2 hours, asking all sorts of questions, saying "if we did this, we would need to do such-n-such," etc., only to find out that they left and made an offer on a rambler one town away.    Seems the wife has a bad knee (didn't like the stairs) and there is too much acreage (I'm sorry; but all of the information was on the MLS listing as to the fact that it is a "two-story 1895 Victorian farmhouse with acreage" - so, why stay so long, acting so interested???).    *SHEESH*

The best breakfast for the dollar!

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Saturday, June 19, 2004

Wallet Attacker!  

Daily Dirt for June 19, 2004

1.    What is the best place to shop?

I can't narrow it down to just one - Macy's, Neiman-Marcus, Bergdorf's, and Nordstrom's.

2.    What is the most expensive item you've ever bought?

Not counting my car, it would have to be a deep purple suede dress with purple leather insets on the shoulders $475.00 - gorgeous, heavy, and very expensive (considering the amount of times I wore it)!

3.    What is your favorite pair of shoes?

Snakeskin heels that I traveled three States in search of when I found them (not in my size) in Macy's in Atlanta.    They were dyed a gorgeous pale, pale peach (almost cream) with undertones of pale, pale olive, that literally changed colors depending on the outfit you wore with them.

4.    Shirt?

I've had so many favorites - but, probably, right now, I would have to say my newest Harley-Davidson t-shirt from our recent trip to California.    It came from the Ventura bike shop and has a great "Ventura-Highway" logo on the back.

5.    Most embarrassing shopping moment?

Not so much embarrassing as irritating - either not finding something to buy when I'm so psyched to shop, or buying something just for the sake of buying something and hating it when I get home with it, and the hassle of returning it.

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Friday, June 18, 2004

Friday Five 

Friday Five for June 18, 2004

1.    What is the creepiest everyday object you know?

Gas station restrooms, whether indoor or exterior, although a necessity sometimes when you're on the road - they're just creepy (you keep looking for the peep-holes) and generally so nasty you just hope you make it back out alive!

2.    What's the most useful everyday item?

Ohhhhh, I can't choose just one - my cell phone and my daily planner, both are indispensable for personal and professional use.

3.    What's the most useless everyday item?

Soup spoons - I just don't like those big spoons.    'just what is that rude waiter/ess insinuating???

4.    If the power was out for 24 hours, what would you do?

Light tons of scented candles (which I do on a daily basis anyway for the ambience) all over the house, and take the time of perfect peace and quiet to catch up on my reading, napping and meditating!

5.    If you had to have one item you use everyday surgically attached to you, what would it be, and why?

If by attached, I could interpret that to mean "surgically-implanted" (such as the techo-chatter wave of the future), I would have to say my cell phone chip surgically implanted so that with a simple "tap-to-the-temple" I could answer a call, and by "voice-activation" I could make a call.    The reason?    My cell phone is an indispensable personal and professional tool!

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Thursday, June 17, 2004

Random Questions; Random Days 

Random Questions; Random Days 061704

Random Questions; Random Days ... Thursday, June 17
complete the following: "I'm different from all my friends because ..."

I am an iNFp, not a common set of personality traits in the scheme of life (it is estimated that only between 4.4% - 9.9%* of the entire World's population are iNFp), I believe strongly in signs as guideposts for traversing through life, and I have a very highly sensitized perception and intuitive nature.

*This site says it is only 1% of the World's population.    Click here to read more about the HEALER - iNFp personality.

current mood:    Introspective
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(c)   2004    A Southern Belle's Life

Theme Thursday - "Bend" 

Theme Thursday "Bend"

Mother Nature, in her creativity and talent as an Artist, has a way of touching all within her domain and producing breath-taking art that is unrivaled in its beauty and magnificence.

(This photo was taken on our rural farm in north central Virginia simply because the stump, its shape, and the unusual formation at the hands of Mother Nature "spoke" to me.)

You may also cross-reference this "Theme Thursday" topic at "A Southern Belle's Expressions"

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Wednesday Mind Hump - Week 23 

Wednesday Mind Hump - Week 23

[quoted directly from the site]   Yep!    That's right!    It's Wednesday Mind Hump Day!    Today is National Mortician's Month.    Wheeeee!    No, wait ... Ewwww!    So, because we're insane, instead of a mortician related warm up we're going to instead honor National Drive Safe Month.    Yaaay! Using the letters L-I-C-E-N-S-E reveal some unusual things about your driving habits or your vehicle or what you do in your vehicle besides drive or ... well, you get the point.    On to the hump >>>>>    [end quote]

L = Listening to my music WAAAY too loud, especially when the top is down

I = Ignoring the "players" who want to yell "hey, hey, chicky baby" when the rag top is dropped

C = Cleaning out my car only when I know someone will be riding with me

E = Eating in the car at 65 m/p/h blows all the calories out the back of the ragtop, so nothing really counts!

N = Never passing up a chance to flirt with a cute guy at a stop light - don't forget the hairflip with a giggle!

S = Showing my personality with totally "me" stickers placed in sheer perfection in just the right spots on the car.

E = Educating the public with my license plate that promotes breast cancer awareness!

This week a little getting to know you craziness.

01. You are a ride at a theme park.    What are you and why?

A. I am the Spider - eight arms, three cars each arm - the arms spin in a circle, and the cars spin on the arms.    I am a ride that drives you crazy by making you feel drunk and weak in the knees!

02. You are an inanimate object and you have the same capabilities as a mood ring.    What are you and how do you operate?    Example:    Mood Pen:    The ink changes color depending on what the mood is.

A.    I am a mood T-Shirt . . . whenever you're near me, and your heart beats a little faster, you change colors . . . whenever you get a little "hot-and-bothered," you change colors . . . and, when you are thinking naughty thoughts, you change colors . . . easy to read - easy to know exactly how you feel about me.

03.    You own the most unusual store in the world where you sell a product that's never been sold before - it could be anything from instant serenity to personality enhancers to holy drinking water that absolves your sins (that's no joke folks, it really exists).    What is the name of your store, what do you sell and do you have a selling catch phrase?

A.    The store's name is Serendipity, and it offers those magical moments when everything comes together in a cosmic alignment that can only be the mysterious and mystical force of serendipity.    The catch-phrase . . . "you can't force fate"

04.    Describe an item of clothing that has definitely seen better days but that you refuse to dispose of and still wear.    Why won't you toss it?

A.    A pair of denim shorts (that used to be jeans) that have naturally-occurring holes everywhere (but strategically positioned so as not to be obscene).    These jeans/shorts have been in my possession for over ten years and just have that comfortable "teddy-bear" feeling that make them great to toss on (not away!).

05.    Going on the belief that "It's the little things that count." what is some little thing that might seem insignificant to others that recently made you smile or gave you a really happy feeling?

A.    Lying in my hammock and having all three dogs pile into the hammock with me and NOT having it dump us all out onto the ground!

Okie dokie - that's this week's hump.    Do it baby!   Do the humpty hump!

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Wednesday, June 16, 2004

I'm a Wild Cat! 

Both The Animal in You and Animal Attraction (St. Martin's Press) feature a personality test to help you to determine your animal personality.

My test results said that I was a:

Wild Cat

(click the picture to read the full description)


current mood:    Exhausted
current music:    getting ready to start my "Sleep" CD
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Myers Briggs Test 

Although I took the actual Myers Briggs/Keirsey test several years ago, and have completed several of the classes on personality types produced by Myers Briggs for business and social situations, this test popped up on a jaunt, and I decided to take it again ... just to see if all the other test results received previously had been correct.

INFP - "Questor". High capacity for caring. Emotional face to the world. High sense of honor derived from internal values. 4.4% of total population.
Take A Free Myers-Briggs Personality Test

Looks like I'm always going to be an iNFp.
At only 4.4% of the population, that makes me rather special, huh?!? :-)

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Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Ten Worst Fashion Mistakes You've Made 

From the "Ten On Tuesdays" meme, today's list is the: Ten Worst Fashion Mistakes You've Made - YIKES!

1.    Prominently-logo'd anything   (in retrospect, this was a definite sign of insecurity, imho).
2.    Any of the things worn that remotely resembled any of the rock-star's styles   (what were we thinking???).
3.    A large collection of pure 100% silk scarves ($$$) that could rival Bergdorf's and Neiman-Marcus accessory counters.
4.    Six inch f*-me heels that permanently killed my arches and my calves   (but, they did make my legs look great - long and shapely - at the time).
5.    Totally wrong colors for my complexion simply because the colors were "in style" that season   (I often looked like a corpse from Six Feet Under).
6.    Oversized shirts and sweaters to try to camouflage my more-than-ample chest   (the baggy shirts only made me look big and frumpy all over).
7.    Perming my hair until I looked like a fried blonde poodle   (No, I was only trying to fool myself into thinking I looked like Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction).
8.    Stirrup pants, with or without boots, in some form of lycra   (this could have worked only if the pants had been denim paired with cowboy boots while I was riding horses on my cousin's horse farm!).
9.    Thinking I could be anything but a blonde    (you should have seen the "redhead-incident," as it has now come to be referred to!   Let's just say, shocking orange was NOT the color I was going for!).
10.    And, the worst mistake has been - NOT STOCKING UP - on timeless, classic pieces that I've found that look fabulous for my style, look, personality and overall image when I find them, and are perfect for practically any important business or business-social function!

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Monday, June 14, 2004

Baker's Dozen Version 2.62 

Okay, I'm totally being inspired by these great memes that are out-there . . . EVERYWHERE . . . so inspired that there is NO reason why I should attempt to use the excuse of "writer's block" when I could sit and write something . . . EVERY DAY!

With that said, I've been searching for some exciting daily and weekly memes to keep me motivated, and one that I've visited before *popped* back up again today so, . . . I take that as a sign to simply GO FOR IT.

Without further ado, I'm joining in on the Monday Baker's Dozen:

A Weekend, followed by a Week, of Utter Chaos!

1.    My masseuse, who will be moving out of state at the end of the month (extreme sadness!), came on Friday evening for my twice-weekly massage session.
2.    My S.O.'s (verbally-committed?) new business partner vanished off the face of the earth last weekend and has not been heard from since.
3.    My S.O. ended his three-year association with his (now previous) business partners on Friday and got what can only be called a seemingly adequate settlement, considering (considering whose viewpoint you look at it from - I, personally, call it insulting).
4.    No, I didn't see Harry Potter, either (nor do I plan to).    But, I did re-watch The Rock with Nicholas Cage, Ed Harris, David Morse and Sean Connery (still a good movie!).
5.    We took the Harley out for a long ride on Saturday afternoon.    A motorcycle has a way of making you temporarily forget the rest of the crap going on all around you.
6.    I spent most of the weekend cleaning and/or packing - both are related to the house being listed on the market last Monday, and our upcoming move out of state.
7.    We indulged in some leisurely soaks in the hot tub.    Stress disappears (briefly) when the steam rises, the jets bubble, and you are staring straight into a starry, starry night sky.
8.    I'm reading a great book entitled "We're Just Like You, Only Prettier - Confessions Of A Tarnished Southern Belle" by Celia Rivenbark.    The Table of Contents alone is simply hilarious!    And, considering my "roots," I can attest to first-hand knowledge of much of what is written in these pages.
9.    My S.O. spent several hours arranging appointments in our soon-to-be new-again (old) home state to meet with business brokers in three different cities to look at potential business investment opportunities.    Then, due to all of the stress over his disappearing business partner, he tried to cancel the trip and appointments.    It was almost impossible to force him to go anyway.    Finally, he left town!    *WHEW!*
10.    The Vet's office called on Friday to say that my recently dearly-departed Claire (my 18 year old cat) had been returned from the crematorium, and could be picked up whenever I was comfortable doing so.    That was a very difficult drive to make.    But, she has now joined her brother Leonard in a place of highest honor in our home.
11.    I am totally appalled at the lack of family loyalty that some people exhibit when they "think" that by turning their back on family to believe the lies of others it will (a) further their own careers; (b) make themselves more of a victim and elicit sympathy; or (c) some other stupid assumption.
12.    I'm glad this weekend is over - it was one of the longest, and most-grueling, weekends I have experienced in a long time (even with the few bright spots peppered in!).

current mood:    STILL Hectic (another BUSY week ahead!)
current music:    Zen & The Art of Relaxation
(c)   2004    A Southern Belle's Life

Look In The Mirror 

"We discover in ourselves what others
hide from us and we recognize in others
what we hide from ourselves."

- Vauvenargues

How quick are we to judge in others what we fail to truly see (or admit to) in ourselves?    Perhaps the very reason we are so judgmental of the other person is because we (subconsciously) recognize our own weakness, and do not like what we see.

"Everything that irritates us about others
can lead us to an understanding of ourselves."

- Carl Jung

It is when we are willing to turn the mirror on ourselves

and are willing to take a closer look at every detail that reflects back to us, that we will then be more "in-tune" with our true SELF!

I "try" to be non-judgmental, and attempt to be accepting of everyone, until they give me reason not to be.    But, there are just some people who make it difficult to offer the benefit-of-the-doubt in everyday situations.    Rudeness, negativity, narrow-mindedness, racism, bigotry, prejudices, elitism, self-centeredness, blatant attempts at evoking pity and/or attention, hypochondriacs, and a laundry-list of other "bad traits" do not rank high on my tolerability meter.    I've never been one to judge on superficial things such as race, sex, age, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, or other such "labels" that are so easily tossed about and used to pigeon-hole people.    My "judging," if you will, comes when faced with negative (and offensive) personality traits, not genetic or chosen associations.

I consider myself quite a tolerable person, overall.    I only wish more people could be the same way.

current mood:    Hectic (a BUSY week ahead!)
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(c)   2004    A Southern Belle's Life

Saturday, June 12, 2004

Mr. Wonderful 

"Faith is not complacent; faith is action.
You don't have faith and wait.
When you have faith, you move."

- Betty Eadie

Sometimes, in the midst of a hectic and stress-filled life experience, someone does something that makes you stop and smile (and consider yourself very lucky for good friends!).    While preparing the house for sell, looking for a new house in another State via the Internet, packing, making arrangements for everything associated with such a complicated interstate move, coordinating everything and everyone involved, and so on, and so on, a friend took us out to dinner at a nice restaurant a few nights ago.    After that, we came back home to even more surprises - gifts!    For me, in addition to a wonderful box of Godiva chocolates (yum, yum, yummy!), I was given every woman's dream man . . . "Mr. Wonderful."

The "Mr. Wonderful Talking Doll" features 16 different phrases and is 12" tall.    He's definitely the perfect man in doll form.    As the ad reads: "He's tall, dark and handsome.    He has sensitive open book eyes, rakish good looks and impeccable fashion sense.    Not only that, but he always has just the right thing to say to make you feel like the most special woman on earth."

And, his phrases include:

"- You take the remote, as long as I'm with you, I don't care what we watch.
- You've been on my mind all day.    That's why I bought you these flowers.
- Why don't we go to the mall.    Didn't you want some shoes.
- You know honey, why don't you just relax and let me make dinner tonight.
- The ball game is not that important, I'd rather spend time with you.
- You know, I think it's really important that we talk about our relationship."

- Plus many more!

Although, it is kinda eerie that he looks so much like "Bob" from the Enzyte commercials . . . *ha-ha*

Thanks, Jim - you're a doll yourself!

current mood:    Too busy to even consider a mood
current music:    Poison
(c)   2004    A Southern Belle's Life

Friday, June 04, 2004

Too Sad For Words 

"The interchangeability of matter and spirit
means the starlit magic of the outermost life
of our universe becomes the soul- light magic
of the innermost life of our self.    The energy
of the stars becomes us.    We become the energy
of the stars.    Stardust and spirit unite and we
begin:   One with the universe.    Whole and holy."

- Dennis J. Kucinich

"Whatever we have done, we can always
make amends for it without ever looking
back in guilt or sorrow."

- Eknath Easwaran

"Your journey has molded you for your
greater good, and it was exactly what it
needed to be.    Don't think that you've lost
time.    There is no short-cutting to life.   It
took each and every situation you have
encountered to bring you to the now.
And now is right on time."

- Asha Tyson

Good-bye, Claire
1986 - 2004

current mood:    sad
current music:    rain
(c)   2004    A Southern Belle's Life

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